Hello world! (of Warcraft)

Riding the rocket in Howling Fjord

So this is my first foray into the murky world of blogging, there are numerous help guides out there and some of them seem to useful while others are quite conflicting in their advice to blog newbs.  So, I guess I will just have to go with my instincts and post what I want to, ultimately if someone likes it then good, if they don’t well it won’t the first time I have been left alone muttering to myself about something 😀

As I mentioned newbs above it seems a good enough topic to start writing about now. Generally I seperate newbs into two categories;

Firstly we have “newbies” this I would define as players who don’t know what they are doing but are willing to ask for help and will take advice gratefully, these guys on the whole are not to bad if you forgive them their ignorance about certain subjects. All of us where at sometime newbies and even now can be if we start in a totally new role (such as healing or tanking) or with a class  that we don’t know.

…. and N00bs
Secondly we have “N00bs”, these I would consider to be those players who think they know everything but don’t. You know the kind, they start shouting at the warrior tank to “GIEF CS NOW FOR BUFFZZZ!!!!” despite having a priest in the group and then get bitchy when it is pointed out that the buff is the same and does not stack. I try to avoid these guys as much as possible and am on constant watch when interviewing potential guildies for any that might be “N00bs”, because frankly that attitude has no place in any game I play.

Unfortunately these “noobs” give many new or inexperienced players a bad name in general which is a shame as I remember levelling my first character (a warrior) and I hadn’t a clue what to do initially (Stormwind? What’s that?) hehe well maybe not that bad as I have played Warcraft games since ’94 but you get the idea 🙂

I could have really used some help from more experienced players, but didn’t really get anywhere even when I politely asked higher level warriors for a few pointers. In dungeons I was asked to tank, then slated when I explained I didn’t know how to and that I didn’t have a shield (I was levelling as a combo of arms/fury). I realise that this was as much the attitude of the other players as well as my inexperience, but it is a real shame that generally the player base does not help newer players as much as it could. Guilds are great if you have one, so are friends if you know people already on your server but not everyone does.

Which brings me to two things relating to this; one of which makes me laugh at how true it is and the other that make me think there is hope for less experienced players.

I remember someone explaining the situation as something like “High level players look down and just see shit, but low level players look up and just see assholes”  sad but true, that is how a lot of players see the other players around them.

Then, to make things happier again, a friend was levelling her warrior in a dungeon (one of the SM instances iirc) and someone asked if she was a new player (she is quite a young player and doesn’t have uber gear and spec) she replied that yes she was and waited for them to swear and quit group like the previous  tank had. Instead they said “np” and took the dungeon slowly explaining to her what she had to do and how to deal with the different bosses and mobs, she got  some better gear and had a really fun time in the dungeon.

Its times like that which make me think there is hope for the WoW playerbase afterall, and that not everyone is an in/out facerolling GOGOGOGOGOGO player after all 🙂


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