Guild Applications that start with “what level is your guild?”

We have had Cataclysm now for just over a month (give or take a few days). This is all well and good and we are all happily progressing through new content and starting the rep grinds for nice shiny gear (or camels).

Guild ranks = awesome 🙂
However, we have had a totally new system introduced as well – Guild Ranks. I like this feature, your guild gains xp and levels just like a character. At different levels you get different perks, some to help levelling, some aid in instances and some are purely for fun or cosmetic value. To me this is one of the best things about cataclysm (it is close between Guild Ranks and Archaeology for my top spot).

Unfortunately, as with all new stuff it brings its own problems, and new people trying to exploit it one way or another.

Plz can I joinz ur gild?
In Otaku we run a fair recruitment policy, in the past we asked that you post a brief templated application on our website (info such as location, class etc but also a bit of fun like “Hogger vs Onyxia – who would win and why”) and then if you are accepted on that post we ask that you have quick chat with an officer to clear up any questions either side may have before you are invited. Its all very casual and hardly very difficult.  Additionally we don’t advertise in trade and such so usually people that ask to join are quite serious about it and not just /w anyone that advertises.

Recently though I have noticed a trend towards being spammed because we are a large and relatively well known guild. This means people realise we are currently galloping away at max level as a guild due to sheer amount of people levelling to 85, levelling their alts and trying out the furry new worgen. So, at the moment we are level 10 and have all the associated perks to xp and rep gain, durability bonus and so on – including heirloom cloaks that buff an additional 5% xp on top of normal heirlooms and guild perks.

In the last week or so I have had about a dozen whispers from people in the level range of 1-10 that are basically ” Hi what level is your guild? I am looking to join guild above level XX”. This rather annoys me. To start with it seems that they are simply asking the same thing of any large guild they can find, and secondly they haven’t even taken the time to check out armoury to see what level we are. If you are interested in seriously joining a guild then a 5 minute search on the WoW website will get you the guild page showing what level the guild and available perks and will also find you the guild forum there (if there is one).

No free ride here….
However, the lack of people doing this would lead me to assume they have their main situated in a raiding guild or the like (basically a guild that isn’t actively levelling itself) and then they are trying to jump into a nice social guild with their alts to get the xp perks. A lot of them don’t even realise that you have guild rep and require at least honoured with the guild to buy the items, so even if they did join, their little level 1 couldn’t go and buy the damn heirloom cloak anyway ><

We never have trouble with helping people level, or trading boosts etc but to me this attitude is too much and completely bypasses the whole point of a social guild – that is to have fun and a nice environment to do whatever it is you do in WoW. Trying to join a guild based on nothing more than its level and the perks you have access to is more than a little shallow.

So I say to anyone reading that decides they want to apply to join our guild, by all means go ahead. Feel free to do a /who and whisper someone in game to ask for a chat about joining (currently we are between sites/forums and as such will just have an in game chat), but remember that we are all here for fun and no one likes someone trying to take advantage of other peoples hard work.


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