Cataclysm Hotfixes (updated 18/1/11)

These hotfixes have apparently been made present on the live servers for a few days.  Some of them may not yet be active on particular realms until those realms get restarted. Despite there being a number of hotfixes, only 1 really affects us resto druids;

Rejuvenation now consumes 16% of base mana, down from 26%, but still requires 26% of base mana in order to be cast. This is quite a good change for us, as rejuvenation should be a staple part of any resto druid healing and it was just too expensive to cast frequently, especially when at low mana. So, yay for it being changed 😀 I am not entirely sure of the exact maths, but expect the cost of rejuv to drop from approximately 6600 mana to 4100 mana. The bit about still needing 26% to be cast is just a qualifier for the server, it isn’t permanent but due to the way the client works it can’t be dealt with until patch 4.0.6, which will hopefully land in the next week or two, so it won’t be an issue.


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