OOM and how to avoid it

Tree of Life chilling in Twilight Highlands

As usual at the moment I am writing this from the perspective of healing 5 man instances and moving into heroics to prepare for raiding, though I think that avoiding mana issues will aid everyone no matter the level of content they are playing. So, Kat’s Top Tips to avoid going OOM…..

  • Don’t spam for the sake of it – during Wrath we were awesome at keeping mana due to the efficiency of our HoTs, if someone dropped even a few HP we could top them up just for the hell of it with no trouble. Those days are past. In Cataclysm correct mana management and conservation is key to being a successful healer. Resist the urge to top up everytime someone gets hits and loses 5% health. If a single large AoE comes in, use a WG and them another if required, again, try and resist spamming everyone with a regrowth or rejuvenation, you will just end up OOM. Depending on your playstyle, its hard to watch someone take damage without auto healing them, but you have to judge if healing them right now is your top priority or if they will survive until your next WG or even until you have slightly more mana in the case the tank or yourself takes a lot of damage.
  • Sort out your gems, enchants etc – make sure your gear is all correctly gemmed, enchanted, reforged or whatever to make sure you have most optimal mana pool/regen. I don’t mean waste lots of gold on top-notch gems and enchants for low-level blues and greens, but try to optimise what you can, e.g. I can’t buy Therazane shoulder enchants yet (I know, I know, slacking but I just haven’t got around to finishing Deepholm yet), but I can still get the older Hodir ones, they are not as good as Therazane but better than nothing. Every little bit adds, and even less than the best is better than nothing.
  • Get used to casting Nourish – despite not being a HoT šŸ˜¦ nourish is one of our primary spells. It’s cheap, refreshes LB, can crit (and therefore proc a seed) and is a relatively quick cast. Get used to using it all the time, it should be near the top of your “most used spell” list.
  • Players are responsible for their own health – try to teach your dps and tanks that they are actually partially responsible for whether they live or die. Make sure they do not stand in the fire, regardless of Ā “but I was casting uber dps spell and it took 5 secs”, that doesn’t matter, the slight loss in dps by moving out of the fire/slime/adds/dancing badgers is less than the loss of dps due to dying from fire/slime/adds/dancing badgers because they took more damage than necessary. Try and get them to keybind healing potions, health stones, mitigation talents, self heals etc so that if needed they can quickly heal themselves or at least take slightly less damage or a few seconds until you can reach them. This even includes bandages; a dps that steps back for a few seconds and uses a bandage could make the difference between life or death for them (and possibly success or wipe for the group). Just remind them not to do it with DoTs etc on them or during a repetitive AoE.

So, in conclusion; to save the embarrassment of being a druid who goes OOM and keeps crying for a mana break – learn to be conservative in your spell casting (DON’T SPAM UNNECESSARILY!!!), make sure your gear is correct, use Nourish and tell everyone else to L2P properly šŸ˜›


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