So then, about these new heroic dungeons…… part two

Well, another maintenance day come and gone with no sign of 4.0.6, it’s not as if we were really expecting it this week, but it would have been nice, mainly because I can’t wait to get my hands on

However, some things are not meant to be, and obviously me getting that trinket this week is one of them 😦

I got new shinies! 😀
On with the show though 🙂 Like the rest of you I have been pushing forwards still with the new heroics and dungeons and slowing leveling my gear. This last weekend has been a great help, as I finally hit exalted with Wildhammer Clan and finished questing in Deepholm, this meant in a single day I managed to unlock the epics from the Clan, the 346 legs from Earthen Ring and the lesser shoulder enchant and 346 ring from Therazane, and I got my 346 relic crafted 😀 YAY!!

I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but after struggling with lower level gear and such in dungeons, its nice to now have that little boost.  It certainly has made a difference as increase in haste has pushed me a good bit closer to gaining my 9th tick of WG (which will totally pwn group healing come 4.0.6 and the 30% buff 🙂 )  and the huge increase in intellect from going from 318-33 green/blue items to 2 epics as well as some more heroic level blues means I have gained over a 10% increase to my mana pool, not counting gains to spellpower and crit.

Once more unto the breach…
The guild is hoping to start raiding again in the next few weeks and with this is mind we have started organising more structured heroic runs to try and prevent gear clash etc and to allow people a better chance of completion by mixing the more experienced/geared players with those who are not so. As seems to be common since Cata, we have lost a few healers who have decided that they prefer to dps for now instead, this means that at the moment I am one of only two healers who are regularly online and ready for dungeoneering. So, as much as I was finding the heroics quite hard I was going to have to suck it up and just get in there, accepting that if I lose everyone and we wipe then I need to get better; fast.

So over monday and tuesday night I ran 3 heroics, deadmines (totally new to me on HC), Throne of the Tides (done 3/4 on HC) and Halls of Origination (done 2/7 on HC). Seeing as in the past I have failed to complete more heroic dungeons than I have finished, I looked very critically at my healing as I knew that at least some of the blame for failing was mine for not keeping up. As a result, I changed my healing methods slightly and it seems to have worked.

What’s different then?
Previously I have discounted (perhaps wrongly) Tranquility as being too annoying because its channeled (ugh) and on a rather long CD (8 mins), as well as seeming expensive for the amount it actually healed. I can honestly say I have never used it in Wrath and yet we still cleared ICC successfully. However, there is no denying no that it has a place in healing certain fights. I found it very useful during the Anraphet fight in HoO, when he goes into Omega Stance and starts spawning lots of pools on the floor. This previously is where I failed on HoO, so this time around I popped WG, positioned myself nicely then used Tranquility, then another WG after that. It seems that it suits some of these fights better than it did encounters in Wrath (or at least it does for my healing :P). I tried it out in a few other fights as well and it seems to be worth using more regularly now, especially if you have heroism/timewarp and it’s channeling time is reduced.

Additionally, WG is working better now that I have more spellpower and so on, meaning that most of the time the group can be comfortably kept up with WG and a few well placed rejuvenations while the tank is LB + nourish. Hopefully we will keep the PTR changes of 8 seconds CD instead of 10 (meaning only 1 sec between chain casting it) and it’s 30% buff, if it does then WG is once again going to be awesome, which it deserves now that efflorescence has been nerfed quite badly.

These changes to the way I heal and my gear mean that while the heroics are still hard and do present a challenge, you do feel that you are making more headway. Last night, we only had 1 wipe in 2 dungeons and that was simply due to a mistake while dealing with the water elementals in TotT, we downed 11 bosses in total with only a few deaths.  You do still need to concentrate and use CC and such, as well as focusing your fire correctly and using interrupts – we missed the first shock blast on Lady Naz’jar and I almost lost my tank, and he is well geared for heroics. They are still unforgiving compared to Wrath instances, but at least with appropriate gear (I think our group had an average of 345) you feel rewarded for actually working together to complete the instance rather than just facerolling it. No doubt that time will come when even an average pug will clear out HoO in 10 mins, but I will enjoy these while they last, as a lot of the patch notes atm for 4.0.6 are nerfs to heroics 😦

Looking forward to the next one
The performance of my druid these last few days has really brightened up the prospect of more dungeons, now that we have seen that we can do easily do two in an evening without too much hassle. Hopefully a bit more of this will get her ready for raiding and then onto bigger and better things as we attempt to conquer Blackwing Descent!


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