Haste and Resto Druids

Tree of Life chilling in Twilight Highlands

As I have said in my Restoration Druid Guide, after Intellect and Spirit we are looking for haste rating. In this post I will expand on why we need haste, what it does and look at some of the numbers that are important for us.

What is haste then?
Haste is a secondary stat and is the most effective of them at increasing our healing. It lowers the global cooldown (GCD) down from 1.5 sec to a minimum of 1 sec (the exact amount depends on how much haste you have), and reduces cast time of non-instant spells. Additionally, it can also affect the amount of “ticks” your HoTs will do as well as making them tick faster. Just for the number crunchers out there, to gain 1% spell haste you need 128.057 haste rating.

A lot of secondary stats have a specific cap value, after which that stat essentially does nothing, or is sub optimal due to diminishing returns. Haste isn’t really like that though,  even if you somehow manage to hit the 1 sec GCD (not sure but I think this is essentially impossible at this gear level), you will still gain extra ticks on heals if you reach other values. Also, remember that due to talents Rejuvenation already has a 1 sec GCD.

Ok, which number should I look for with haste?
These values vary from spell to spell, so here is a small list of some important numbers for our HoTs, all these values assume that you have the 5% haste buff (given by shadow priests, boomkins and wrath of air totems) present as you are unlikely to not have this even in a 10 man raid. The bold, red numbers are those that could be considered the most easily achievable at this current gear level and could even be achieved in heroic dungeon gear. I have only a few rep epics, but due to reforging and some lucky drop heroic gear I have over 2000 haste and still need haste based weapon, legs, shoulders and boots. As I have just hit the extra WG tick (yay!), my next goal for Kat is the 2440 for extra LB tick.


  • 4 ticks by default
  • 5 ticks (12.5%)  = 915 haste
  • 6 ticks (37.5%) = 3964 haste

Wild Growth:

  • 7 ticks by default
  • 8 ticks (7.1%)  = 262 haste
  • 9 ticks (21.4%)  = 2004 haste
  • 10 ticks (35.7%)  = 3746 haste


  • 10 ticks by default
  • 11 ticks (5%) = 0 haste
  • 12 ticks (15%)  = 1220 haste
  • 13 ticks (25%) = 2440 haste
  • 14 ticks (35%) = 3659 haste


  • 3 ticks by default
  • 4 ticks (16.6%)  = 1423 haste

The original crunching of these was by Naperken

So I ignore all gear with no haste and take older stuff with haste?
No, absolutely not. Haste may be excellent but it is still a secondary stat and much inferior to Intellect, don’t hang onto old greens and blues (or even Wrath ICC epics) just because they have haste and a new higher iLevel doesn’t. Look at the other stats and make an informed choice.

Say your older normal dungeon piece has 87 haste and 185 intellect, a newer piece has no haste (but 100 crit) and 196 Intellect, do the maths, even reforged you will lose 47 haste for the gain of 11 intellect – is this worth it in your build? If you will drop below one of the important numbers to gain a tick, then I would say leave it, or juggle things a bit with reforging/gems/enchants etc to gain it back elsewhere, if you are comfortably above a value and won’t lose a tick anywhere then swap them out, after all, more Int is more mana, spellpower, crit and regen.

On the matter of regen, haste will also have a tiny effect on this, the revitalise talent gives you a 20% chance per tick of rejuv or lifebloom to instantly regen 2% mana (not more than once every 12 secs). The more ticks of those you have, the greater the chance on not missing an opportunity to gain mana.

One last point; don’t forget other sources of haste but don’t rely on them either. If you have controllable additional haste (such as Lifeblood or a trinket), consider macroing it your ToL so that you can pop the extra speed when you are casting multiple LBs, instant regrowths and larger WG. For procs that you can’t control, just watch for them and us the additional speed to pop off some heals a little quicker to top up the tank and such.


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  1. Haste has positive effect in OoC proc number within time interval as well – free healing, and regenerate mana while casting, for example, HT.

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