Restoration Druids and PvP; Looking to start in arenas

PvP has never been a strong point of mine, I tried out some some arena combat with my prot warrior Adalbrecht, and it was quite fun while it lasted but as a team we were never amazing, we just had fun.

I remember that always the teams with resto druids were really awful to try and beat, you would try your hardest to kill something with this bloody great hunk of wood running all over the place zinging away with HoTs and breaking out of all kinds of stuff and of course being totally immune to polymorph.

Kat’s experience in PvP has been limited to Wintergrasp, some odd battlegrounds (usually for event achievements) and a few attempts at Tol Barad. However I have recently found myself drawn to the idea of trying out my healing skills in an arena. It’s a totally different role to that of a prot warrior and actually looks like it could be quite fun. It should certainly be easy enough to assemble a basic gear set and give it a try.

Some of the changes to our talents and such seem to be very favourable to PvP as well. The ability to now dispel magic with remove corruption should help counter those nasty mages when they try to nova or polymorph team mates, and in return we can soon glyph for a faster cast entangling roots which will certainly be of benefit when being chased by a melee class. Roots also has the potential to be used to tie up a player where they can’t nicely get a LoS and thus hamper them even further (even if for only 8 seconds)

Additionally, now that ToL is a spell with a cooldown, it means that most of the time you are going to be battling in “normal” form, meaning that you can also cast other damaging spells and DoTs if needed, rather than just purely healing. The only downside being that you are not immune to being polymorphed 😦

These are just my views from what little I have seen and read atm, I could of course turn out to be totally wrong and get utterly pwned in every match, but I think it will not be quite so bad.  So, I will try and assemble some gear and see about trying a few matches to see if it is worth it and whether or not it is actually fun to be a resto druid in arenas at the moment.

If anyone reading this is PvP resto, please feel free hand out any hints or tips, or the link the a good site for where to start 🙂

Wish me luck and I will post my results (however dismal they may be) and any other bolts of inspiration that hit me regarding this rather alien world of player versus player combat 😀


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