Love is in the air…..

It’s that time already again, yep, another month and another world event πŸ™‚ This time around the theme is St Valentine’s Day and the event is Love is in the Air. I actually find the world events a refreshing change from the general day to day stuff that makes up most of life in WoW. If only for a brief period of time, you get the chance to do some different dailies, get new clothes, possibly a pet or mount and other fun stuff that doesn’t really have any bearing on making you better in instances πŸ˜€

I haven’t really done much of the this event before, in previous years I have been too concerned with other matters, last year I was levelling Kat and didn’t want to take time away from that, and in 2009 I was levelling Adalbrecht and didn’t want to “waste” not levelling. Prior to that I wasn’t even playing WoW and didn’t even know Love is in the Air existed πŸ˜›

Unfortunately Blizzard hadn’t quite ironed out all the bugs and so we were sent on quests to give a charm bracelet to Magni Bronzebread – difficult as he doesn’t actually reside in IF anymore (I understand Horde has similar issues with Cairne) and in order to complete the title achievement you need to complete the “crushing the crown” daily – again hard when it was unavailable for levels 81-85. Β Thankfully the patch this week include fixes to both those problems and allowed those of us who were sitting there gnashing our teeth to complete the meta and get another title. yay! πŸ™‚

There are other changes this time around as well, instead of leaving the chance of the pet and a few other things to the gods of RNG, Blizz allowed us to buy them with love tokens instead. So now everyone can get their very own goblin cupid. We still have some random stuff such as the big pink love rocket, a toxic wastling pet and a fumigation mask (all from the heart box you get for doing the daily dungeon) as well as the Lovely Black Dress needed for the achievement (its one of four found in a box bought for 20 tokens)

It seems now that Blizzard are moving most of their world events to this format – completing quests for a event specific currency that allows you to buy the goodies, and having whichever boss you are trying to kill available through LFD and awarding some random BoP stuff like mounts etc rather than having them drop and being rolled for. This is a bit of shame as it makes some of the events feel too “samey” and you are just hopping through LFD once a day to try your chance at the mount/pet or whatever the special thing is. I hope that not all the events go this way, I quite like the flying around that you do for things like collecting coins of elune and such.

So, another deviation from resto for this post, however I have been away for the last few days and not had a chance to try out new patch changes and such much yet so I hope you will all forgive a non resto post again πŸ˜›


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