Trinkets for resto; throughput vs regen

Unlike other items that generally just have stats that are unchanging and constant, trinkets are much more troublesome to organise. Some are relatively easy and give you a straight set of numbers to work worth, for instance Gale of Shadows (HC) gives you 285 haste rating and stacks 17 spellpower (max stack of 20=340 spellpower) every time your heal/deal damage. You know this is constant and that within a few seconds of a fight starting you get +340 spellpower and will keep it for the fight duration.

What about the others though? “chance on heal for +10k spellpower” and similar. Does it only work from direct heals? Whats the internal cooldown? (ICD is how often it can actually proc, so you can’t end up it chaining one after another) Does it stack with a similar ability from an enchant or other trinket? The list of potential mind boggles is quite long.

This post is aiming to cut through some of that as much as possible and present the best few trinkets for both raw healing throughput and more more conservative mana regen as well.  I will briefly explain again the importance of Intellect vs Spirit (now that Int does affect regen as well as mana pool size) and then try my best top sort the trinkets into a sensible list and break down what each actually does.

Intellect vs Spirit
Intellect, as we know gives us (variable depending on talents);

  1. Mana; at a rate of 17-19 mana per point of intellect
  2. Spellpower; at a rate of 1 spellpower per point of intellect
  3. Crit; at a rate of 0.00154% crit rating per point of intellect (look, I never said it was a lot of crit 😛 )
  4. Regen; because intellect affects mana, it also affects the gains from replenishment, revitalise and innervate.

Spirit on the other hand gives us

  1. Regen; the actual figure is apparently: Sqrt(Intellect) * Spirit *.016725 = regen gained from spirit. It is enough to know that spirit is how your primarily regenerate mana.
  2. ………thats it, spirit is mana regen and nothing else

So, Intellect is very much preferred to spirit as it will help a lot more, and in some fights outweighs spirit even for longevity of mana because the mana pool size is greater than the potenetial to regen lost mana.

Throughput Trinkets
These are the trinkets that maximise the actual power of your spells, whether due to proccing extra heals, higher spellpower, intellect or whatever. They generally are not as good for longevity of mana or for mana regeneration, though some of them are hybrids that are weighted towards throughput but may have procs or whatnot that increase mana regen or similar

Fall of Mortality

  • Source: Cho’gall
  • Primary Stat: +321 Intellect
  • Equip; chance on cast to increase spirit by 1926 for 15 sec.
  • Other; Probably 75sec ICD, gives approx 255mp5, 321 intellect gives 4815 mana and 24mp5 from replenishment

Tyrande’s Favorite Doll

  • Source: Archaeology (Night Elf)
  • Primary Stat: +321 Intellect
  • Equip: Captures and stores 20% of the mana you use to be kept and released later, max of 4200 mana stored.
  • Use: Releases the stored mana and causes arcane damage equal to mana released to all enemies within 15 yeards. 1 minute CD.
  • Other: 321 intellect gives 4815 mana and 24mp5 from replenishment, assuming 4200 mana every minute gives approximately 350mp5

Vibrant Alchemists Stone

  • Source: Alchemy (BoP)
  • Primary Stat: +301 Intellect
  • Secondary Stat: +194 Haste (5.92% @ 85)
  • Equip: Increases effectiveness of mana/healing potions by 40%
  • Other: Also has a red socket (+10 Int bonus) and so can gain an additional 40Int or 20Int/20 haste and keep the bonus, ungemmed gives 4515 mana, the 40% bonus varies a lot depending on which mana pots you use, but with standard Mythical Mana its equals a minimum 3700 mana, though only once in a fight.

Darkmoon Card: Tsunami

  • Source: Inscription, BOE
  • Primary Stat: +321 Intellect
  • Equip: Your healing spells have a chance to increase your Spirit by 80 for 20 sec. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
  • Other: Does not seem to proc off of instant cast spells, Has internal cooldown of ten seconds if a spell is cast on yourself; no internal cooldown when direct heals are used on other targets, 80 Spirit * 5 stacks = 400 Spirit, Ignoring ramp up time (ideal conditions), Combat Spirit Regen is worth roughly 300 mp5, 321 Intellect adds 24 mp5 from Replenishment, along with 4815 mana, does now work from HoTS

Core of Ripeness

  • Source: Valorous Vendor (1,650 VP)
  • Primary Stat: +321 Intellect
  • Use: Increase Spirit by 1926 for 20 secx (2 min CD)
  • Other: 1926 Spirit for 20 seconds every 120 seconds = 241 mp5 when used on cooldown, 321 Int adds 24 mp5 regen from Replenishment, along with 4815 mana

Tear of Blood

  • Source: Stonecore HC
  • Primary Stat: +285 Intellect
  • Equip: Spell crits have chance to increase Spirit by 1710 for 15 seconds
  • Other: Can proc from both Periodic and Direct Critical Heals, 1710 Spirit for 15 seconds every 85 seconds = 201 mp5, 285 Int adds 21 mp5 regen from Replenishment, along with 4275 mana

Witching Hourglass

  • Source: Blackrock Caverns HC
  • Primary Stat: +285 Intellect
  • Equip: Chance on cast to increase haste by 1710 for 15 secs
  • Other: 1710 Haste Rating for 15 seconds every 85 seconds is roughly 302 Haste average, 285 Int adds 21 mp5 regen from Replenishment, along with 4275 mana

Gale of Shadows

  • Source: Grim Batol HC
  • Equip: +285 Haste (2.23% @ L85),  Your healing and damage periodic spells grant 17 spell power each time they heal or deal damage. Lasts 15 sec, stacking up to 20 times.
  • Other: Quickest way of reaching 2004 haste rating at heroic level, if used correctly it is possible to keep +340 spellpower up almost permanantly

Figurine – Jeweled Serpent

  • Source: Jewelcrating (BoP)
  • Primary Stat: +285 Intellect
  • Use: Increases your spell power by 1425 for 20 sec (2 min CD)
  • Other: 285 Int adds 21 mp5 regen from Replenishment, along with 4275 mana, 1420 Spirit is approx 840 mp5 (I think)

Figurine – Dream Owl

  • Source: Jewelcrating (BoP)
  • Primary Stat: +285 Intellect
  • Use: Increases your Spirit by 1425 for 20 sec (2 min CD)
  • Other: 285 Int adds 21 mp5 regen from Replenishment, along with 4275 mana

Regen Trinkets
Generally these trinkets will aid you in mana conservation in a fight. They may have spirit, proc a lump of mana etc. Usually they will not increase your throughput as much as the previous trinkets, but as with the throughput trinkets, some are hybrids that are weighted more towards regen.

Shard of Woe

  • Source: Sinestra
  • Equip; reduce base cost of all spells by 405
  • Use; +1935 (15.11%@85) haste for 10 secs. 1 min CD

Jar of Ancient Remedies

  • Source: Maloriak
  • Equip: Healing spells grant +103 spirit for 15 secs, stacks 5 times
  • Use: Grants 6420 mana (2 min CD) but consumes spirit stacks and can’t stack again for 30 seconds.
  • Other: 6420 Mana every 120 seconds = 267.5 mp5 and assuming 515 Spirit for 90 seconds every 120 seconds = 193 mp5. Total mp5 gain overall = 461 mp5

Mandala of Stirring Patterns

  • Source: Exalted with Hellscream’s Reach/Baradin’s Wardens
  • Primary Stat: +321 Spirit
  • Equip: Healing spells have chance to increase intellect by 1926 for 10 secs.
  • Other: Now procs from HoTs as well :D, +321 spirit is about 190mp5, ICD appears to be about 50 seconds so is active at most for 10 seconds per minute

Blood of Isiset

  • Source: Halls of Origination HC
  • Equip: Increases your mastery rating by 285 (1.59 @ L85), Your healing spells have a chance to grant 1710 Spirit for 20 sec.
  • Other: Does not seem to proc off of instant cast spells, 1710 Spirit for 15 seconds every 85 seconds = 201 mp5 average

Sea Star

  • Source: Throne of the Tides HC
  • Primary Stat: +285 Spirit
  • Use: Increases your spell power by 1425 for 20 sec. (2 Min CD)
  • Other: 285 Spirit is approx 170 mp5

Corrupted Egg Shell

  • Source: Grim Batol HC
  • Use: Places Egg Shell on your current target, absorbing 4590 damage. While Egg Shell persists, you will gain 475 mana every 5 sec. When the effect is cancelled, you gain 5700 mana. Lasts 30 sec. (2 Min CD)
  • Other: Not a bad regen trinket, but is nothing but pure regen unlike some of the others

So, this is just a basic rundown of the options available to us Resto Druids at the moment, I would recommend running with one of each for utility if unless you are having either very bad mana issues (in which case 2 regen) or none at all (stack 2 throughput). Personally I am using the Vibrant Stone (TP) and Mandala (Regen) and probably won’t replace either of them soon.


Note: A lot of this info came from various calcs done over at EJ and some in game info from people on wowhead, so thanks to anyone whose data I have used 🙂

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to list them all out like this. It always makes it easier for me to wrap my head around if I can see all the information at once. Great post.

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