First forays into PvP……..

My first victories as a PvP Kat!! :)

After my decision to start more PvP on Kat I have tried to put this into practise, especially as my wife has recently got some serious bloodlust for PvP on her frost mage. To this end we have created a 2v2 arena team (as yet untested) and have been trying to get into as many battlegrounds as possible as well as doing TB whenever we are free. So then, how has my first week of PvP gone? Well….

This may be the case IRL but unfortunately not in WoW 😦

My major problem at the moment is the instant I start healing and the horde see swirly green stuff around my allies I get nuked. I am slowly starting to get my honour gear together which will increase my survivability, but I am having to use more abilities that I didn’t before, just to stay alive. Popping travel form, using kitty then dash, barkskin, roots, even popping tree form for increased armour and instant roots just so I can get the hell outta there and survive!

As annoying as this turn of events is, it is actually quite fun in random BGs as a healer, after not really doing much ever in PvP with Kat, the last week has seen my first victory in Warsong Gulch (a perfect), my first Arathi basin victory, a Strand of the Ancients super fast win, a first  Battle for Gilneas victory and a first Twin Peaks win. Other victories such as Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest still elude me, but its amazing how much of a difference working with even just one other person makes. Generally my wife and I find a pally/warrior/dk/bear who seems to know what they are doing and then tag along, she snares and blasts and I heal her and the “tank”.

We were luckily enough to get another pair of guildies along to a few, so we were running a bear, a lock, a mage and resto druid. That was the evening we totally pwned horde at WG and BfG, even just 4 of us working as a team were managing to knock out 10-15 individual hordies with ease.

So, my initial PvP experiences as resto have been a little frustrating but good fun, hopefully more experience/skill/resi/gear will improve the fun, but I am still surprised at just how much fun it is honestly, I have never truly been a PvPer and have endured repeated derogatory remarks from friends about it. Kat may still not be a killer but she is having fun 😀

EDIT FOR MINI RANT: Joined Battle for Gilneas last night, myself and 3 guildies grabbed waterworks, the rest of the group split and took LH and the mine. We had 45 seconds to go and were on track for a perfect within 2 minutes of the battle starting. So what does the rest of the “team” do? They all ditch LH and mine to go fight in the centre instead of holding for less than a minute to secure a win. End result: we lost all three locations eventually and got pwned. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I love alliance but why do they seem to be so terrible at teamwork in PvP (at least in misery battlegroup anyway) 😦



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