Professional dilemma

A few weeks ago I spoke about Professions and which are good/bad for resto. In that post I also clearly stated that I currently had Alchemy and Herbalism and was sticking to them. Now I am not so sure. Looking again through some of the professions and their perks I am actually tempted to drop herbalism. However, I am not looking at leatherworking or similar, but engineering.

A druid…. with engineering…..WTF?!?!?!?
Yes it does seem rather wrong to me too. However, looking at engineering and the perks it offers it also seems to be a very good profession for me at the moment. Currently I am not really raiding heavily, since Cata I have done 3 Baradin Hold runs and thats it. Otaku has what we call our “Focused Raiding Group” and this time around I decided not to participate but instead run/aid a second “Casual Raiding Group”. This means that I would like to have some better gear to be as good as I can for when I do raid, though the chance of me picking up extra gear may be slim, as we are not going for all out raiding multiple times a week.

So why engineering?
Well, lets look at the perks of Engineering; the primary one is the usual very good helmet, however in Cata the helmet is actually 359 and the addition of these cogwheels they introduced allow to stack 208 in 2 stats. So for resto I get + 208 spirit and +208 haste in addition to 301 intellect and the socket bonus and the meta. Feral gives me +208 dodge and (probably atm) +208 hit, again in addition to stamina, agility, meta and socket bonus.

So for resto, comparing them to similar items what do we get;

  • Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades;  375 intellect, 208 spirit, 208 haste  (with ember meta)
  • Druid T11; 385 Intellect, 228 spirit, 188 haste (with ember meta and purified demonseye)

I won’t even consider Helm of the Blind Seer as it doesn’t have haste rating. So, the options above show that the Engi helm gives +20 haste compared to T11 but has 10 less intellect and 20 less spirit. However, to get the T11 helm at the moment you have to clear BWD then hope the token drops, then win it when rolling against other druids, death knights, mages and rogues. The engineering helm needs you to level engi and farm a bit.

Feral is a similar situation, except the chance of me getting anything above 346 for feral is tiny given that i won’t be raid tanking, just helping out in heroics and such, so the engi helm would far outweigh anything I could get at 346.

Now these helms are 359 which is very nice but not the highest iLevel atm and certainly not going to be awesome throughout the whole expansion but they are very good right now.

There is also another bonus to engineers though, the tinkers are quite cool and there are rather good tinkers available for both feral and resto. Additionally, tinkers also now stack with enchants so you don’t even lose your standard enchants. This is also not counting the hidden extras such as repair bots and the like that simply save time.

What about poor herbalism?
When compared to everything engineering has to offer, herbalism looks rather weak with a small haste bonus every 3 minutes. The primary ability of being able to collect herbs is easily negated by either having a herb alt – which is ridiculously easy if you have spare high level characters (which I do) or by having lots of gold to spend in the AH (which I do).

Its easy then! Just pay your gold and switch to engineering!
Hmmmm, thats the trouble, Kat has always been herb/alchemist and it has always seemed “right” for a nelf druid to do that. Switching to an engineer because of pretty toys seems to be almost like selling out just for the sake of epic goodies.  Especially when I have never been one to switch race/prof/etc just to be “better” in raids and such.

So Kat is in a quandry atm; does she stick with what seems “right” but is much less of a bonus, or does she go all out for toys, tinkers, epics and the whole nine yards and switch to engineering?

Thoughts on a postcard please.


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