Resto Druids and 4.1 (as of 28/02/11)

Now that 4.1 is on the horizon (well starting on PTR anyway) we have a few indications of what we may expect in the patch. So far we have;

  • Efflorescence has a new spell effect. WOW!!! A new spell effect!! seriously though, buff it already don’t just change the graphics ><
  • Lifebloom’s bloom effect has been reduced by 20%. In addition, it now costs 11% of base mana, up from 7%. Meh, not so good, the healing is reduced while cost goes up. However it will still be pretty cheap and usually it ticks rather than blooms anyway for the clearcast procs etc, so maybe not as bad as it seems.
  • Gift of Nature (passive) also reduces Tranquility’s cooldown by 2.5/5 minutes. I am seriously hoping this isn’t the proposed change to help give druids some more CDs like paladins and priests, we need something better than this. If this is just a “normal” change and we still get something else later then YAY! we get a good AoE heal without an eight minute CD, if it is the only change we end up getting then 😦 as we could really do with something different and more centred on damage reduction rather than pure healing.

Not much to go on yet, but hopefully things will change and get better 🙂


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  1. Effloresence is being completely revamped, now it throws a powerful HoT on the two lowest HP targets within 8 yards for 4/8/12% of the overal healing of the swiftmend every second for 7 seconds. This means if my swiftmend crits on someone for 30k on Marco, then Sally and Johnny over here get healed for 3.6k per second for 7 seconds, which totals at a whoping 25.2k x 2 = 50.4k healing in 7 seconds. They also removed the pre-requisits for effloresence by giving players the choice to spec into living seed or not. This is GREAT news since seed does only about 50k-200k healing in the entire encounter depending on your role as a healer. This means that we can remove the 3 points from that terrible talent and throw it else where!!!

    The change to tranquility is amazing, since most of the time the 8 second cast is reduced to 6.5-7 seconds due to haste / raid buffs it can push 375k-500k healing in that time. Having it be a 3 minute cooldown just means we can squeeze an extra 1 or 2 tranquilities into the encounters to push about another million in healing. By doing this we gain more raid utility since tranquility is an amazing raid burst heal.

  2. Seriously, I don’t understand why you’re complaining. Your healing class is the best in the game and compared to MY class (Resto Shaman) you have SO many CDs. We have.. 1 and it’s not even a CD. It’s just a button to make a spell insta-cast. Kinda lame imo.

    Efflorescence is getting a huge buff, at least your main heal didn’t get completely nerfed with the xpac. =\

    • It was not meant as a complaint as such, more annoyance that in cata we got no healing spells and just 1 talented ability (Eff) that wasn’t very good, then in the first major content patch it at first seemed that Eff would remain pretty useless and that our primary heal would be nerfed. Though now it doesn’t seem too bad seeing as eff has been reworked into something much better.

      This was never a QQ “DRUIDS ARE BAD BUFF DRUIDS!!!” post 🙂

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