Blizz retreat on LB nerf (partially anyway) and eff gets some love

After some well put arguments a blue posted regarding the lifebloom nerf to mana cost with;

“We’re a bit worried about Resto being too powerful in PvP. We wanted to try out the Lifebloom changes to see if it fixed the problem. We don’t think it’s quite the right change though, so we’re going to revert the Lifebloom mana nerf, but keep the reduced bloom effect. We’ll have to keep watching this.

The change to Efflorescence becoming a smart heal was actually originally just a bug. Since so many of you responded so favorably to it though, we’re actually going to redesign Efflorescence to work similarly. We expect the redesign to help the talent be more useful in 5 and 10 player content as well. We’ll have more details at a later time.”

So while a 20% bloom nerf is still on the cards, it looks like the mana cost will remain the same and not put even more of a strain on us druids.

The change to Eff as well will be cool if it actually stays in. Basically it will mean that it will go from a weak AoE to a smart heal that targets the lowest health player in the circle and  heals it for 30% of your SW each second, instead of splitting the heals between multiples. This means those who need it get the healing and Eff should have nearly zero overheal. Cba to full detail the maths but check out Swills Eff post on MMO Champ for a brief theoretical breakdown.


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