Quiet week, stressful week and other stuff that stopped me posting

The last week has been rather quiet. Other than the announcement of 4.1 and some info regarding the changes, I haven’t really posted much here. Sorry 🙂

Amongst other things keeping me busy (as well as work, I gotta pay for interwebz and WoW subs somehow) I have been writing some stuff for the Chamber of Aspects (EU) community site, levelling my dk to 85 (say hello to Quintas, yh his gear sucks but he is just a JC and leather farmer :P) and starting on getting my priest up there as well.  Unfortunately we tried twice to get Otaku’s second raid team off the ground and it didn’t quite work, that combined with a distinct lack of getting any decent heroics or PvP and a bunch of IRL crap just rather put a downer on the whole week 😦

On a happier note though, it looks like the second raid team should get started this week and I get to try out all these various ideas and such about raid healing on my unsuspecting guildies 😀 cue manic laughter HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Hopefully as well, my arena partner will be back and I get to try some more gladiatorial combat!

Generally this week is looking more promising so here’s hoping this week is a damned sight better than last week 🙂


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