Catch up time….

Guild first kill of "Fluffy"

Meh, despite my apologies a couple of weeks ago for not posting much I still haven’t had a lot of time to catch up and post new stuff. So here it finally is 🙂 A run down of the last few weeks and what has been happening in Kat’s world.

Patch 4.1 changes
We have seen some nice changes in the last few weeks, the lowering of tranquility CD by up to 5 mins through talents will be very beneficial, as will the innate push-back protection – no more losing an 8 minute CD spell when its basically only 50% done 🙂

Additionally the changes to efflorescence are looking better and better, this is soon to be an absolutely must have ability, and with it no longer tied to living seed, that potentially frees up some points to put elsewhere (Lissanna over at Restokin has a good post regarding Eff/LS changes). having Eff auto target lowest hp players and benefit from haste will be very cool.

Still not overjoyed about 20% reduced bloom for Lifebloom, but hey you can’t have everything 🙂 and our other changes are looking seriously tasty atm.

Starting to raid again…
Or at least that was the plan 😦 Unfortunately the last couple of weeks have been hard fought over even getting enough people to be around to start a raid let alone actually get anywhere. This means that Kat still hasn’t seen beyond Magmaw at 80%, though hopefully a few changes to our setup and our signings means this should change tonight – fingers crossed for this as I would like to at least see ODS this week even if we don’t try and take it. I suppose this is one of the occasionally downsides to being in a seriously relaxed and casual guild; not everyone moves along at the same pace for preparation, gearing, commitment etc. /sigh

Work, work, work
This has been the major holdup on posts and such, the company I work for has been moving premises so I have been rushed off my feet during the day (like coffee times when I would type a few lines) and in the evenings I frankly cba to start reading up on stuff and writing things – I just want to logon and try to get my daily HC done or level and alt a bit and KILL STUFF!!!! 🙂

Hope to increase my posting rate again soon 🙂


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