Mage changes 4.1

Found this over at MMO Champ and just had to post it as my wife’s main is an arcane/frost mage 😀

Yh its a joke 😛


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  1. I just stumbled in to your blog by a coincidence, and I´m glad I did. Because I like it and I´m looking forward to your next post (because i see it has been a while since last time) 🙂
    I read about Kat and saw that you are a parent and that your wife also playes WoW. For me it´s exactly the same (just the opposite way around = I´m the wife), and I really enjoy to have this “hobby” together with him.

    However, fun to find a new interesting Resto blog, and thanks for putting time in something for us resto lovers to read 🙂
    (Gah, sorry my english isn´t my main language…so might be a bit crappy now and then) 🙂

    Happy Easter btw!

    • hehe ty 🙂

      I am hoping to post more soon, so much going on IRL that I just realised I haven’t posted anything yet in april :O but I want to make sure I actually have something worth saying first rather than just waffling 🙂

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