Very brief post – just downed ODS and the shoulders dropped and I won them!!!!!!!!!!!!! So last week now doesn’t feel so bad 😀

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  1. Soooo, rng ftw atm, or? 🙂
    Gratz (finally) hehe!

    • yh RNG is win atm 🙂 was so annoyed that they got vendored last week

      • Ye, i deffo understand you, and it´s such a waste to vendor such a sweet thing. But what to do, what to do… *sigh*… when noone in raid needs it. 😦

        We have a rogue in our guild, who has almost 100% attendance…and when he was late one evening because of BAD snowy weather, he was replaced by another….and when he finally arrived and logged on vent he said: I certainly don´t hope my “what ever it was” will drop for you now! (we had just started the encounter) BUT OFC “his” eagerly awaited piece droped, and NOONE could use it, but i don´t remember if we could de it. We might have done. But it hurted all of us to see it drop, so we had a hard time to tell him it actually did… 🙂

        I have never been in such situation (what I know at least…and i rather prefer to not know either, haha…) 🙂

        But who ever it concerns, it´s darn bleeding!

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