4.2 PTR changes (11/5/11)

Another day, another bunch of changes on the PTR, so what do we have this time?

Omen of Clarity clearcasting buff from now lasts 15 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
No bad here, so long as they don’t nerf the chance of it happening to counter the increased duration. This just means that you have nearly double the time in which to use it, therefore if necessary it can be used more “tactically” rather than a quick unneeded RG just to refresh LB just because clearcast is about to expire.

Symbiosis (Mastery) has been removed and replaced with Harmony. Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%, and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds. Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are considered direct healing spells for the purposes of this Mastery. All other healing from druid spells is considered periodic.
This is very interesting and quite confusing. So lets take each sentence at a time and break it down. ” Harmony increases direct healing by an additional 10%” this bit is clear enough, all direct heals (HT, RG, SW and Nourish) have their healing increased by a flat 10%, very nice 🙂

The second part is the potentially confusing bit ” and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds.” unfortunately it isn’t stated if this refers to all the druid’s periodics or just ones cast on the target that received the direct heal. Due to the fact that it doesn’t state “on that target” I am going to take a gamble and hope that it means all periodics. If this is true then this mastery suddenly becomes very awesome. Scenario: crap loads of AoE incoming, so you pop a quick heal on the tank then go with WG + Eff + tranquility, all with a 10% (+mastery) buff 😀 thats got the potential to be pretty powerful.

All healing critical strikes now heal for 2 times a normal heal (+100%), up from 1.5 times a normal heal (+50%).
After seeing this discussed on the Dev Watercooler, I am quite pleased to see it implemented so soon. This is rather good in that it suddenly makes crit much more useful, this is doubly good for us atm seeing as all our HoTs can crit. Combine the extra crit chance with the mastery buff above and suddenly our healing becomes a lot more powerful. We may actually have much more of a juggle between Haste/Mastery/Crit than we do now.

Overall, these changes look to be rather good, the changes to Mastery and Crit mean our healing will have a significantly increased effect and all three will basically save mana – either through more opportunity to use clearcast or through more powerful heals which means less mana spent on more healing.

So atm we seem to be leaning towards increased healing and more mana conservation. Does this mean that some of the new fights in firelands are going to throw out some seriously high damage and be very mana intensive?


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