So what’s new with druids this week?

Sod all
Not much really, other than changing the 4 piece tier bonus to making swiftmend heal a second target for the same amount (meh, would be nice if it popped eff as well on a second target also), but hey ho that’s what the PTR is for, no doubt plenty of other things will change before 4.2 goes live

IRL however
This weekend (and week) however is a different matter IRL. Normally I wouldn’t presume to bore my few readers with my tales of real life, but this week is different. Over the weekend we had a small gathering of guildies from the UK and overseas and for the rest of the week we have a couple from Holland staying with us. It hasn’t, despite assumptions, been a non stop WoW fest – though we have done dailies etc.

It has however been a good chance to indulge in other geekery with large games of Munchkin and Fluxx as well as some Dreamblade and hopefully some Magic: the Gatheringi. It was also fun when some of us went a tad retro and spend a couple of hours sorting out how to play Doom 2 over the network and downloaded Open TTD. It’s good to actually mix with fellow geeks in the “physical realm” every so often, even if they are friends from online 🙂

So hopefully here’s to a week of additional geekery and such 🙂


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  1. Oh, guildmeeting! I love ’em 🙂

    We had a meeting at ours, 2 years ago, and ppl came from all over the planet (hehe)…and one guy from Newcastle stayed almost 2 weeks and one girl from Arkansas stayed for one week. The rest (about 15 ppl) stayed just over that weekend (that bunch of ppl didn´t sleep in our house tho).

    Last year we spent a whole weekend at a lovely place in Norway, by the sea…really awesome. Own saltwater pool, sea, field to play football at, close to restaurants and pubs. So it includes some nice time improving our tan, eating awesome food, look at yachts (dreaming away), drinking beeeeers, climbing at the cliffs near the coastline, more beers….and sweet and crazy friends 🙂

    We don´t play any games what so ever during our guildmeetings, it´s pure party, having fun and get to know eachother (aye, we played with the ones that stayed for a bit longer….but not with the “party-bunch”).
    And because everyone is very different at the same time as we are very alike it´s a good mixture (as you said) and it can´t go wrong. Some are friends for life it feels like, and will stay rl friends even if some decide to stop playing wow.

    We started to plan for a meeting this summer aswell (in London-or slightly outside), but we cancelled it due to some ppl didnt have money atm, but we might head over there later on this year instead.

    However, have a fun week with family and friends and take care 🙂

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