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Absent GM’s, making money and molten front dailies

It’s been a quiet few weeks for Kat and I. An assortment of various things has delayed or prevented us from raiding (along with not having a fixed team) so I have been back to pootling around on alts and gearing up other characters. However a few minor things have happened that I will bundle into a single post.

Power….. Overwhelming……
Firstly I have temporary promotion to GM of Otaku. As some of you may be aware (but others may not) if a guilds GM has been absent for more than 30 days (including alts) then it is possible for someone else to take over simply by ticketing a Gamesmaster in-game. I have been unable to find an appropriate FAQ or such regarding it and various posts on different forums have horror stories of long absent alts logging in and essentially stealing a guild because the GM is absent for a while.

Now every summer our GM takes a holiday and this often extends to over a month. Given that (as with every guild no doubt) we have had some less than admirable members who have been kicked or quit, I was worried that there may be some of their old alts lying around that someone hasn’t noticed and by pure bad luck they happen to log, see the GM is absent and ticket to gt the guild transferred over to them.  Now this may not be the case, I would think (hope) it would get passed to the highest active officer, but according to some posts this isn’t always the case and as I said above I can’t find any official FAQ regarding absent GMs and guild take overs.

So I decided to do it myself and simply relinquish the guild back to the rightful owner when he returned. In some ways it was actually scary how easy it was. Before I left work one day I ticketed a GM and briefly explained that our leader was absent and could they please give me the guild to look after. By the time I got home less than an hour later I had already received texts from guildies along the lines of “WTF?!?!?” as it suddenly just appeared in /g “Ikkitousen domotes Ikkitousen to Juinn, Ikkitousen promotes Katarnas to Guild Master” without either of us being present. Now obviously for us this isn’t a problem, as the real GM is returning this week and I will simply hand it over, but for some other guilds this may actually be a serious issue.

So if you ever take a wee break from playing in a guild you own, make sure you either log in once a month or promote someone you can trust to being GM in your absence otherwise you may returning to find no guild at all (quite a lot of people report finding GBs emptied, the guild sold as it had lots of perks etc).

Money, money, money!
One of the things I enjoy on WoW is making gold and playing the AH (though not in an exploitative way, just snagging sme good bargains and resell. Not particularly for any reason, it’s just like a sub-game almost and the gold count is simply a way of keeping score (yh, go on and laugh, my guildies do anyway :P). So atm my goal is to make 1,000,000 gold just so I can log my main and see that amount in her bags.

Now, as I seem to have terrible luck, I have never once had a BoE anything drop that was worth more than a few hundred goal. No battered hilt, no BoE 359’s within a week of cata or anything ever 😦 This means that I have actually had to make gold rather than striking lucky with a sudden +30k or whatever. So I have learnt a few tricks and some shortcuts to playing the AH and such that I will write up into a future post at some point, there is nothing groundbreaking, more just how I do it and what will make a steady income.

Finally they are done!
Lastly, a little about the MF dailies that came out with 4.2. This probably should have been written up some time ago but I never seemed to get around to it. I have had a few people ask me (and seen it on various forums) if the MF daily quests  are worth doing as a druid and if the rewards are good.

Given the lore characters involved and the storylines, then if you enjoy the background and lore in WoW at all then the whole Molten front experience is very much worth doing. In case anyone reads this who hasn’t done them yet, I won’t post any spoilers but of all the classes, these quests should mean most (lore wise) to druids. This is not counting the extra pets, title, mount and so on you can get as well.

On the more practical and loot rewards side of things, I would still say that the quests are worth doing. By the time you have completed all sections of the hub, you will have unlocked three vendors. These can be unlocked in any order and here is my recommended order and the rewards each offers:

Ayla Shadowstorm (unlocked by completing: “Filling the Moonwell”)
Definitely should be the first vendor unlocked as she offers:
Globe of Moonlight (Offhand frill) – +201 Int, +134 Crit + mastery. No haste or spirit, but unless you will drop below a good breakpoint still a good item for those without a decent 359
Moonwell Chalice (Trinket) – +340 int, on use +1700 mastery (20 secs/ 2min CD). Lots of nommy intellect and a decent on use to boot. Excellent all round item unless you are terribly lacking in regen.
Relic of Elune’s Light (Relic)+113 Int, +76 haste + mastery. No spirit, but got haste. A nice relic to tide over from a 359 until you can get the 378 VP one.
Additionally she also offers a relic and ring for feral (dps or tank) and a trinket (tank).

Damek Bloombeard (unlocked by completing: “Additional Armaments”)
Doesn’t really matter which you choose between Darmek and Varlan, personally I went for Varlan as I already had a 378 belt.
Fireplume Girdle (belt)+248 Int, yellow socket, +168 haste + mastery. Missing spirit, but has a good amount of haste and mastery. A nice filler until you can get the 378 from AoH rep.
Additionally offers an agility trinket for ferals.

Varlan Highbough (unlocked by completing: “Calling the Ancients”)
Spirit Fragment Band (ring) – +201 Int, +121 crit, +142 mastery. Not ideal, but increased intellect still gives it an edge over some 359’s.
Additionally offers gloves for feral.

Meh, a bit rambly, should have more to post soon, btw Kat is now on twitter as @restoisepic posting away with sporadic little tweets 🙂