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Patch 4.3 or “How to look good while doing your thing”

EDIT: Just as I posted this I saw that Lissana on Restokin had posted something similar (including the wowpedia pic of all the tier sets)…… oh well

Thse last few weeks has seen the announcement of some teasers for the next WoW patch. At first we had simply a picture of a pair of NPCs marked “Transmogrification” and “Void Storage” that spawned 101 different ideas about what they were, ranging from the likely (a way to change the look of gear and extra bank slots) to the rather outlandish (I recall seeing a thread on MMO-C suggesting they were for NPC tanks so that LFG queues were shorter).

So what are they really?
After the taster though, Blizz came clean and told us what they really were – Transmogrification (or “mogging” as blues seem to call it) is a process by which (for a fee) you can change the look of a piece of gear to the look of a different piece. There are some restrictions –

  • you can’t change it to look like another class set (so no DKs in Paladin T2)
  • you can’t make it look like you non primary armour type (so no Warriors looking like they are clothies)
  • weapons cannot be changed to a different type (2H maces can’t be made to look like a 2H sword)
  • you have to own the gear that you wish to use the artwork from
  • the item you are using the artwork from must have stats (no running around in a wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers while raiding)

There are other restrictions but those are the major ones. Within those restrictions though, there is actually a lot of scope for looking good because as well as the standard Tier sets that are obviously matched there are many other visual sets. A few examples would be the plate set from normal/HC Trial of the champion, most crafted sets, PvP sets from a particular season and so on. So if you loved the look of you character during TBC and saved the gear to pop it out for parades and parties you will now be able to raid looking like that.

Void Storage on the other hand is a little more complicated and restricted. It is almost like an extra bank, except it costs to open it initially then additionally appears to cost gold to either deposit or remove items. Also, any reforgres, gems, enchantments and so on will be purged from it when it enters. The given reason for this is that it is a much simpler system to simply list item numbers than it is to have all the variables associated with reforging and so on. What this means is that you won’t want to use the VS to store your spare raid gear and such, but those old tabards, world event dresses and so on now have a new home without cluttering up your normal bank.

That’s it for a whole patch?!!?!?
Nope, there are other things as well such as 3 new 5 man dungeons and getting to beat up some guy called Neltharion, but this post is just about the appearance stuff. ย It is still quite new and so no info yet really on class changes and so on.

What’s so important about it then?
Well, nothing really unless you are into your character looking pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ Personally I will be very pleased about these changes because even though I have only been playing since just before Wrath, I am quite a collector and hoarder and my bank is full of all the soulbound stuff (holiday clothes, nice looking quest rewards, my collection of each type of fishing pole, tier pieces and so on) while my bank alt has all the other non-soulbound items that are similar but that kat doesn’t have room for.

Void storage is going to be pretty awesome for me even if it is around the smaller size that has been suggested (80 slots) and totally amazing if it is around the larger size (150 slots). Suddenly I have a bank again :O OMG! Time to fill it with even more new gear ๐Ÿ˜€ (which won’t take long – I have a tendency to do a crtl + click on all quest rewards and drops that others don’t need just to see if it looks good on Kat and I have a ticky list next to my pc of all the tier items so I know instantly which ones I need when we are running old content). That’s also not counting shopping on the AH for stuff when I bored and the Brewfest outfit I am about to get next month.

Having so much old stuff around and now the option to actually make you look like you are wearing it is very cool. ย Even though I don’t have all of them yet, here is a piccy (linked to the full size original) showing the most common sets that people may have – Tier sets.

ย On the whole I quite like the druid sets, most of my angst would be directed at certain pieces rather than the whole tier (T10 helm for example – WTF were you thinking Blizz when you made us look like some mad, rose bush headed demon?!!?!?). Despite not being a TBC fan at all (= I loathe Outlands with a passion) I actually really like tiers 5 + 6 and will probably start Kat off in T5, I also like the look of T1, though only have 2 pieces ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

There are lots of other sets out there as well, some look better than others (obviously) but there is enough choice that everyone should find something they like. It is a bit complex to try and cover all the sets, but generally items from the same tier will fit together (e.g. T10 + the stuff from ICC/264 vendors) as well as sets from dungeons (such as ToC), there are also the crafted sets that are named e.g. redsteel and such. If you explore and play around you are sure to fit nice things. A quick tip is to pres ctrl+left click on any item to see how it would look on you, there are some really nice lowbie quest rewards that actually look pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚

That will do for now, may post me or add stuff later ๐Ÿ™‚