Firelands Debrief – Did Kat improve after studying WoL reports?

So last night was my first night of raiding since checking out Kat’s performance over the weekend. We downed a new boss (Shannox and he nicely dropped the offhand for me 😀 ) and so I have a decent record of how my performance was. It is a bit pointless trying to directly compare our first Beth’Tilac kill with our first Shannox kill, seeing as how the fights are different, but certain aspects of my style should remain similar and should be improving.

I will compare my performance in the Beth kill, our good Shannox attempt and our Shannox kill. hen, as we go further into FL and get these bosses on farm I can add in the later data and see how it improves (or not 😦 )

Swiftmend Usage
Beth’Tilac kill:- 7 uses in 7:12 long fight :/ barely 1 a minute (25% usage)
Shannox try:-  6 uses in a 7:58 long fight, bad again, 1 every 80 seconds (less than 20% usage)
Shannox kill:- 8 uses in a 6:09 long fight, slightly better – 1 every 46 seconds (33% usage) 

Basically I need to still improve my usage of S< considerably. With the Shannox kill fresh in my mind, I can see exactly why I didn’t use SM very much. However, if nothing else I should use it on me or my tank more as an instant harmony refresh on the run.

Harmony Uptime
Beth’Tilac kill:- 66.4% uptime, not great, aiming for 90%+
Shannox try:- 74.9% uptime, improving a little
Shannox kill:- 88.6% uptime, definitely getting better, nearly at my target (thanks to Jasyla’s Power Aura for Harmony 🙂 )

At least my progress here is better than on SM. The goal is maintaining a 90%+ Harmony uptime on each fight. So far this seems to be going well. The power aura has really made a difference, especially the audio prompt when it drops off. I find that a good change to your UI can make a huge difference in your in-game performance. In this case, it’s having the audio prompt for losing harmony.

Cooldown Usage
Beth’Tilac kill:- Tranquility/Barkskin/ToL/Lifeblood/Trinket all once each, Innervate 0
Shannox try:-  Tranquility/Barkskin/ToL/Lifeblood/Trinket all not used, Innervated once
Shannox kill:- Tranquility/ToL/Lifeblood/Trinket all once each, Innervate and Barkskin 0

These are not great, but at the moment I am not too worried about the CD usage. I would rather know I have them when I need them, rather than blow them early and then really need them later. Innervate especially falls into this category as generally I don’t have much in the way of mana issues. As I get to know the fights better, I expect this naturally rise as I will have a better of timing and when things are necessary and if I have enough time for the CDs to be ready again by burn phases, enrages etc.

All in all, I am quite pleased so far. Swiftmend usage definitely still needs to improve and I think adding a sound to the CD power aura will help. Harmony uptime is rising nicely, just need a little bit more and then to get into the habit of maintaining throughout the fight. CD usage I think will slowly improve by itself as I get to know the Firelands fights better.


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  1. If you aren’t using innervate, perhaps you could reforge out of some spirit and pick up either haste or mastery (depending on your haste level) for added throughput. You would need to use innervate regularly, but there are power auras that will activate on conditional (if you’re at less than 80% mana and innervate is available, for example; you can even add in a power torrent proc notifier). If you need help setting up the power aura, let me know and I can post mine.

    Innervate is a bit different from throughput cooldowns in that if you wait until you “need” it to use it, it’s really too late. The goal is to use it as soon as you need it, then keep using it on cooldown to maximize the amount of mana you have during a fight.

    • Funny you should mention this, but I have actually been thinking (and tweeting) about this earlier on. I am looking at reforging spirit into mastery (I am at 2006 haste and have the 5% for raids) and going back to the Tyrande’s Doll for the on use regen.

      I have been looking for a conditional PA but haven’t come across one yet, basically looking for the “80% or below + innervate of CD” and then when I get a decent weapon, the same but with a “and power torrent proc” modifier.

      • I won’t be home until late tonight, but either tonight or tomorrow I can look up my auras and post them for you. I believe I currently have a conditional (power torrent + low mana + innervate available). The only thing that’s weird about doing it that way is that you have to figure out what your mana percent is with the power torrent when without it you’re at 80%.

      • Oh, and I’m following you on Twitter now, too!

      • hehe cool 🙂 hope you enjoy my inane tweeting 😀

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