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Firelands Debrief – Week 2/pt 1

This week we started to put into practise what should become our standard routine – on thursday evenings kill up to our current progression and then on tuesday go forwards with whoever we are working on atm. Last night was a good evening of raiding after a rocky start (had 2 people new to the fights and were trying to figure out which shammy would be best upstairs for Beth), but despite the initial hiccup we down Beth and Shannox again.

These last few days have been good to Kat – after my lucky drop on tuesday night, the luck continued and I managed to get the helm from Beth’Tilac and some shoulders from Shannox last night. After exchanging a few tweets with other druids and checking out their setups, I also reforged away a lot of my spirit into mastery (most people seem to be running around 2k spirit in FL, I had over 2500^^) and also swapped out my Moonwell Chalice back to Tyrande’s Favourite Doll so that the 1min CD mana regen could help smooth out issues arising from loss of spirit.

However, I am happy to say that so far, I haven’t noticed any issues with mana regen, despite the loss of spirit, and the new shinies have meant I can stack even more mastery while maintaining a minimum 2005 haste rating. Combine this with a greater uptime on harmony and I am getting more bang per cast and therefore using less mana anyway. If this continues to work, the next step will be dropping talents from mana conservation talents (such as Moonglow) and putting them into throughput talents (such as Genesis and Living Seed).

So, has my performance improved again on the three areas I have decided need improving? Well, details below 🙂

Swiftmend Usage
Beth’Tilac kill:- 7 uses in 7:12 long fight :/ barely 1 a minute (25% usage)
Shannox kill:- 8 uses in a 6:09 long fight, slightly better – 1 every 46 seconds (33% usage)
Beth’Tilac kill:-  9 uses in a 6:56 long fight, again – 1 every 46 seconds (33% usage)
Shannox kill:- not sure what’s going on here, I am positive I used it a few times, yet WoL says I didn’t. I am guessing that WoL is correct though, so definitely need to make SM more obvious.

My current PA for tracking SM doesn’t seem to be helping much, need to make it much more obvious. This is something I really need to work on, good usage of SM seems critical to maintaining a good harmony as it can be used on the move and still refresh the buff.

Harmony Uptime (aiming for 90%+)
Beth’Tilac kill:- 66.4% uptime
Shannox kill:- 88.6% uptime
Beth’Tilac kill:- 95.2%
Shannox kill:- 90.8%

The visual and audio cue for Harmony seems to be working a treat, now just got to work at maintaining that 90%+ uptime until it becomes automatic.

CD Usage

Still not great, borrowed and altered a couple of Beru’s power auras for 80% mana + innervate and that has helped. I am still not really having mana or healing issues atm so I think my usage of all CDs will improve as we get further into Firelands and I find that they are (possibly) needed more. One that I do definitely need a PA for though is TFD, with only a minute CD it’s really pointless to not use it almost every time it’s ready, but as with the others it is a case of easily knowing when it is ready.  Hehe, I am now using so many PA I don’t know how I managed before them 😀

So, I am still quite happy with my progress on changing aspects of my setup and healing, and despite these last few posts being all about MEMEMEMEMEME! I do have some other stuff in progress for next week, it won’t all be me waffling about my character 🙂

Have a good weekend all 🙂