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Top 10 Interesting search terms that found my blog

Today’s post is in response to a challenge laid down by Juvenate at WTSHeals. Basically the challenge was to take some of the search terms by which your blog has been found and try to answer those specifically. So here are mine, I have ignored most of the relatively normal and boring ones (resto druid + guide etc) and gone for some of those that are a little different.

1: Cata Leveling map Horde/Alliance image
This is pretty simple to answer, over at MMO Champion is an image of the levelling flow for Horde and Alliance. This simply shows the level range of each area of the map and whether it is Horde, Alliance or neutral. 

2. Fiery Quintessence Resto Druid
Oddly enough, a few days ago Juvenate and myself were exchanging a few tweets with Jasyla regarding this very trinket. The outcome of the discussion was that the on use was quite nice, and that with the level of haste currently available it was a good enough trinket that you could replace an older trinket with it and reforge the spirit to haste/mastery depending on your needs and assuming you are comfortable regarding mana regen (above 2000 ish).

3. Tier 10 Shaman HC
This one I found a little odd – I don’t have much stuff on the blog at all for tier gear and nothing that I am aware of concerning shaman. However, here are the links for the Shaman T10 heroic sets
10 Man

25 man

4. Configure Fortexorcist to show Harmony
This is annoying, I used to have my Harmony tracked by Fortexorcist, but then I switched to Power Auras and cannot remember how I did it in FE now >< However, Jasyla has a good range of PA already made, including one for Harmony, they can be found here. If you are using it to try and maintain a good uptime I would highly recommend PA over Forte.

5. What is Craw Mcgraw
This very easy, Craw MacGraw is the quartermaster for the Wildhammer Clan. He is found in Thundermar (Twilight Highlands).

5. Is that true that more haste you have more haste you gain from 5% buff
I think that I know what this was getting at.  I believe that the searcher is wondering if your 5% haste buff increases as you get more haste. Now obviously this is immediately true – 5% of 1000 if greater than 5% of 100. However, there is a subtle change regarding the buffs and haste. The various haste buffs are not additive but multiplicative. Meaning that if you have Wrath of Air (5%) and are aiming for the 12.5% breakpoint, you actually only need 7.14% haste – not the 7.5% you would expect. A full of the various haste buffs and how they modify your haste rating can be found at the Inconspicuous Bear.

6. Resto Druid Stat prio 4.2
As always our stat priority is:

  • Intellect,
  • Spirit (around 2ooo minimum for Firelands),
  • enough haste to reach 917 (assuming 5% buff),
  • then stack mastery until you can gem/reforge to reach 2005 haste (assuming 5% buff) – you can lose up to 370 intellect to reach the 2005 breakpoint for haste and still see a throughput increase.
  • Beyond 2005, maintain that breakpoint and your spirit and stack mastery.
  • Never reforge, gem or enchant for crit.

7. Druid Resto UI
Quite a few different options here, personally I looked at Icedragon’s UI and copied it pretty closely and found it worked rather well. Here is my post for Kat’s UI, and Ice’s original over at Druid Main

8. Synapse springs “resto druid”
These are one of the little boosts from engineering and a rather nice addition for any druid with the profession. Popping them will increase your intellect by 480 for 10 seconds every minute (16.7% uptime if used on CD). This can be very handy for those big incoming hits or when you just need a bit extra. As it increases intellect, this also increases mana pool, spellpower and crit chance for the duration as well as influencing innervate and replenishment values.

9. Laptop battery resto
This one I really don’t know what to say to – I don’t have the word “laptop” or the word “battery” anywhere in my blog. This is just a little odd.

10. Tyrande Sex/Tyrande Whisperwind Sex/
Look guys (and certain girls, you know who you are 🙂 ), I am sure that stuff is out there on the interwebz (rule 34 anyone?) however it is not here so GTFO !

Quite an unusual mix tbh, strange what some people type only to find a WoW druid blog ^^