New thoughts on recent nerfs, T13, 4.3 etc

Last week I gave into my inner nerdrage and posted a rather lengthy rant about the incoming nerfs to Firelands and the class feedback that was being given on the forums. Since then various other bloggers have posted regarding the same issues. These range from the also ranty (Kurn’s Corner), through the slightly more mellow (Cannot be Tamed) to the downright calm and much more reflective (Manalicious).

It was after reading Vidyala’s post on Manalicious (How I learned to stop worrying and love the nerfs) that I started to think more about my rantiness the other day, and that maybe it wasn’t as well founded as I thought. I do not often give into nerdrage, in fact that it just about the only time I have (publicly anyway), usually I think things through an awful lot more, and after reading Vidyala’s post I think I should have done the same with this.

Class feedback and gaining other class abilities
Firstly were my thoughts on the class feedback. I still think complete homogenisation is a bad thing, and that each class should keep its unique feel. However, there are many times when various classes are unbalanced (iirc the first T11 were all paladins/priests because druids and shammies were not competitive). Also, with Blizzard pushing us more towards 10 man raiding, there possibly is a need for a greater coverage of certain abilities, as long as it is done without destroying the essence of what makes the class special.

In my case, this would be keeping the fact that my druid primarily works with HoTs. I find that the style of healing as a druid  flows nicely and is very fluid. The maintaining of LB, harmony and so on makes the druid more than simply spamming rejuv and big heals. Additional abilities and tweaks should be worked into this style rather than either roughly tacked on or just ignoring it. How can this be done? I have to say that to be perfectly honest I don’t know. Personally I don’t have any great desires for new abilities so I can’t really think of any or how they would be implemented.

Nerfing normal and heroic Firelands
I also ranted at length about the nerfs to heroics Firelands while it is still current. Once again, after reading other posts from people who are currently progressing through HC Firelands my opinion has changed somewhat and mellowed. Ultimately, Heroic Firelands (or any heroic raid for that matter) is not my game and is not likely to be ever. It doesn’t really affect me at all, though for some people who are skilled, geared etc enough for HC modes but just don’t have masses of time to sink into it (I recall a recent tweet I say from someone saying they were up to 100 wipes on HC Raggy and some of their guild still thought they hadn’t progressed sufficiently in learning the fight) these nerfs will be helpful and will be gratefully received, though possibly a little sadly.

I still disagree with the concept of simply whacking all of Firelands with a huge nerfbat and simply reducing damage/hp etc by 20%, an incremental buff similar to ICC would be better or simply tweaking/nerfing those mechanics or bosses that are particularly troublesome. Equally, I still don’t like that there is a group of people who cry for nerfs because they choose to do something they then find too find and instead of improving themselves or admitting it’s beyond them they want blizzard to make it easier. However, personally I will be welcoming the nerfs to normal Firelands as it means that unlike T11 content we may get it finished while it is still current, we often are lacking players or certain setups (e.g. no melee for Rhyolith) and this means that our progress can be very slow at times.

T13, LFR, new heroics and the Deathwing raid
It was then with this calmer frame of mind that I looked at the new T13 (here) and the available info for 4.3. Personally I have to say I really like the look of the druid T13 and for once I am actually a little envious of those who will manage to get the full set. It isn’t too over the top like some previous sets have been, it doesn’t (to me) look silly like some others and the ornamentation isn’t too fussy. To me it just looks nice, balanced and something I would be quite happy to run around in. Given that I probably won’t assemble it, heres hoping that the new visual dungeon set for int leather looks as good. This is especially the case as T13 will not be purchasable with VP and will only be available from raiding.

One of the other changes we are getting in 4.3 is the introduction of the LFR (Looking For Raid) tool. This will work similarly to the LFD tool and will put you in random or specific raids in 25 man groups. To ensure that more people can enter and use it, the difficulty will be turned down from normal and accordingly the iLevel requirement  will be lowered appropriately. This means that raids will now basically have 3 settings – LFR, Normal, Heroic (or Easy, Normal, hard). The 3 separate tiers will each have their own iLevel, with the LFR (I believe) level being somewhere between that of the new 5 man heroics and 10/25 man normal raids. This has caused a lot of backlash in the WoW community with LFR being referred to variously as Bad/Scrub/N00b Mode and other derogatory terms. However this is no the case than normal mode is currently only for “bads”. Sure, you will get some of the usual “Delmers” you find in all PuGs but hopefully in a group of 25 they will have less of an impact.

Blizzard has said that the lockout for the LFR will be separate to that for the 10/25 normal/heroic raids. This means that you can poke around in the LFR and still get to do your standard raiding with your guild, and you may even find some loot while you are there. This is no bad thing, and will allow people to experience boss fights and get some experience of a raiding environment.

4.3 will also see the arrival of 3 new CoT instances as well as the final raid (maybe) of the expansion. In this we will finally get to poke Deathwing and dance upon his bleeding and broken corpse. As someone who rather enjoys the lore and history of the Night Elves, the whole shebang surrounding the the Demon Soul, War of the Ancients and so on, I am rather looking forward to this. I also rather suspect that regardless of how they are to play (please Blizzard not another HoR ><) they should be quite entertaining and fun (though hopefully with skippable RP for when you are doing it for the nth time ^^)

I haven’t really tried to go too in depth about anything in this post, it is more of a way of self redeeming after the vitriol I spewed last week. Reading other posts from people in a similar (raiding) position to mine, or who are further progressed put a different spin on my outlook on these changes and I think that generally I am looking forward to them and to 4.3 a lot more than I was. In a game I play for fun this is obviously a good thing 🙂

So on with Brewfest! further progression in Fireland! and other things that don’t make me whine!



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