Firelands Debrief – Week 3/pt 2

WoL link for the raid

Before anyone mentions it, I know the title is not a true continuation of the series. I have missed out Week 2 part 2 and Week 3 part 1. That is because frankly those raid nights were not particularly good – one was 11 wipes on Rhyolith and the other was an hour of dc’s on Beth until we called it. The most recent night of raiding, and our last before Firelands gets nerfed was rather good. Took Beth’Tilac and Shannox both down first time and after a couple of attempts on Rhyolith we pushed him into Phase 2, so next time should see a kill.

Overall healing was good, and looking at the setup, I will be moving one of our shammies to dps for the farm bosses and just two heal the first few bosses once the nerfs hit. With this in mind, and given Kat’s lack of mana trouble currently, I have rejiggled her talents around and moved from moonglow and swift rejuvenation into BotG and full 3/3 living seed. Hopefully, she will continue doing ok with mana and the extra throughput (though I know it will be only small gains) will help out with only having two healers. If it all goes pear shaped I can always ask the shaman to go back to resto and I can always respec back into conservation talents.

So, given the targets I have set myself over the last few weeks, how did I do? Well, according to WoL not too badly with some things I am pleased to say 🙂 but still pretty bad with others 😦

Swiftmend Usage
Beth’Tilac kill – 8 uses in a 7:11 minute fight. Just over once a minute, barely better than before.
Shannox kill – 2 uses in a 6:53 fight. Pretty awful really ^^

Still crap at using SM, think I may need another audio cue (like with 80% mana and Harmony), anything to help me use SM more >< It’s especially annoying as the nice free heal from Eff is 4th on my list for the Beth fight – so basically even with bad usage of SM Eff is still only behind my big three (WG, LB and Rejuv). If only I could get my usage of SM better then Eff should also improve a lot. This will be especially important when two healing fights where we have to clump up and there is raid wide damage. It’s not as important on other fights, but is still a good way to AoE heal the tank+melee (for instance).

Harmony Uptime
Beth’Tilac kill – 95.9% uptime
Shannox kill – 96.8% uptime

Both are an improvement on before, I find myself using a lot of quick nourishes to maintain it. Should try and weave more SM into the mix to even it out and to improve usage of SM.

Cooldown Usage
Still not using CDs as regularly as I could, but atm I am finding that often it would be a waste. Possible the change to talents will alter that and I find I need my mana regen CDs more often and that I use ToL and tranq much earlier to ease up on early mana use. I would still prefer to be in the current position of having them when I need them rather than blowing them early for the sake of it, only to not have them available when needed.

Typically though, WoL isn’t actually showing any Tranquility usage on Shannox – this isn’t strictly true. The very instant I started to cast he popped a trap right under me and I moved before it ticked even once, so WoL shows that I never used it.

Further improvements
Now that I have the major one (harmony uptime) seemingly sorted, it is time to look at some other abilities and timers.

  • Nature’s Grace: One of the main ones is Nature’s Grace. Currently that is not foremost in my mind and I should probably try to work it’s current usage and timing into my healing. I tend to use regrowth on OoC procs to refresh LB, though I could just as easily use HT or even nourish/LB if mana isn’t an issue. This would allow me to keep RG ready at all times for that extra little burst of haste when needed. It probably won’t havea  huge impact on anything, but won’t do any harm to get used to using it “better”.
  • Nature’s Swiftness: I use Nature’s Swiftness in conjunction with the glyph of healing touch. This means that during bouts of heavy damage, NS can actually be used more often than once every 3 minutes, again some sort of PA tracking it’s CD would probably be helpful at using it more often – after all I put a point in it so no reason not to use it when I can.
  • Tyrande’s Favourite Doll: With the changes to my talent tree (dropping mana conservation talents) I have switched back to using TFD due to the on use regen. Depending on spell cats this basically gives 4.2k mana/per min. If used on every CD, a standard 7 min fight (the approx length most of ours seem to be) should see a return of nearly 30k mana. Again, a PA to flash it in front of me when its off CD and I have lost 5k+ mana would be handy.

Overall I am still pretty pleased with Kat’s performance. With the exception of my SM usage, my other concerns seem to be improving and I am managing to steadily increase my HPS and throughput without sacrificing mana efficiency. Hopefully this will continue as we progress further into Firelands. If I can continue to maintain Harmony uptime, while improving my use of SM and the other points mentioned above I will be a very happy druid 🙂


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  1. In Vuh’du you can add “isswiftmendable”. Assuming you have rejuvenation running, you’ll be able to track cd of it. Other unitframes probably have similar setting. Don’t know my numbers though. I’m definately lagging with NS+HT since i even don’t have it macroed. Not so gamebreaking but as you said, it’s not used talent point and glyph.

    • Ty for the tip, but I am aware of the “is swiftmendable” option in Vuhdo Personally I find it annoying – I know something is swiftmendable as it has the regrowth or rejuve icon on it, I don’t need a little red dot telling me as well. My issue isn’t so much knowing who I can use it on, but actually using it and having it lingering there on CD.

      NS+HT I have macroed and added into vuhdo so that it can be used instantly, as I don’t use NS for anything other than a buffed, instant HT. For tracking I simply have the icon on my toolbar as I don’t need to know the second it is off CD.

  2. If I remember correctly, I managed to make red dot appear only when swiftmend is of cd.
    Red dot will certainly help if you have second resto druid in raid although it’s not the case for any of us.

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