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Thoughts after being in a nerfed Firelands (and my WoL debrief 4/1)

Last night was Otaku’s first foray into Firelands since the nerf. After Tuesday night’s successful raid (Beth + Shannox down and first time into Rhyo’s P2) we were expecting a good night due to everything being nerfed. We countered this slightly by only running two healers (one of the resto shammies went enhancement instead). So, how did it go and what was the view of the nerfed bosses from a very casual guilds PoV?

Otaku’s Firelands raid post nerf 

Pre-nerf we didn’t have too much trouble with Beth. To begin with we had an evening of wipes (about 8 in total). The second night we faced, she went down after a couple of attempts. The recent nerfs have reduced her damage and HP by 15%. This means that any dps upstairs are actually doing more damage to the boss relatively than they were before and the upstairs healer has an easier job than before. Downstairs, not much has changed, but as we never really had add trouble that isn’t a problem. However, the additional dps upstairs means that by the time she comes around to phase 2, not only is her AoE weaker, she also has much less health relatively than before so the phase is much less strenuous and lasts a shorter time.

The actual fight itself was rather easy. Got her to 54% (or there abouts) before P2, and just after the shammy popped SL totem she died, despite our mage having dc’ed as we entered P2. I never even got to use Tranq or ToL. Even from our position, she is pretty much going to be a pinata now.

As with Beth, Shannox hadn’t given us much trouble pre-nerf. Post nerf, our tactics remained the same (kill rageface immediately, get boss to 35%, then riplimb to 5, clear stacks from tanks, nuke riplimb, nuke boss). Again, as with Beth, Shannox has had his HP and damage reduced by 15%, while his dogs have had a 15% reduction in their HP. Other than making the initial kill of rageface quicker, this didn’t make much difference to our kill. Again, the P2 didn’t really last very long and we simply burned him down very fast. The extra damage and flame debuff really caused no trouble. Same as Beth, he is pretty much a Pinata, looks like we may have to try one or both of them on HC soon.

This chappy still presented us with some issues, namely the fact that he didn’t seem to want to steer properly. However, after a number of attempts wiping at around 50%, we went back to three healers, had one final push and got him down. While (for us) phase one seemed basically the same, phase two was another matter entirely. We popped hero at 25% and nuked; it all seemed to be over in seconds. The second phase really presented no problems. Hopefully this wasn’t a flash in the pan and we will get him again next thursday.

So, conclusion?
Overall, the nerfs to normal mode do seem rather OTT. Beth and Shannox have gone from being fights that we had a greater than 50% chance of winning to basically going afk and collecting loot. Alyzrazor wil be our first boss attempted entirely post nerf and so how quickly we down it will give us a better idea of how extreme the changes have been.

Certainly from our point of view, the bosses have had their teeth pulled and are rather a joke. I suspect that now Rhyolith is down, we probably won’t have much trouble with him again. It is very much a double edged sword – on one hand we were unlikely to see Ragnaros in 4.2, though we would have really felt like we fought our best, on the other hand, if we don’t have much trouble clearing to Rag now, it will feel that we had it handed to us rather than working for it.

The latter means that the final triumph really feels anti-climatic. It was the same on Arthas when we finally downed him the week 4.0 came out; I almost felt sorry for him and I certainly haven’t ever worn the “Kingslayer” title as it just does feel right. The only possible bright side is that the nerfs may allow us to fully clear Firelands and get geared enough to hit the new raid as soon as 4.3 hits, which would be a first for us.

Kat’s debrief week 4/part 1

WoL link for the raid

After the other night, I added a few extra items to my list of things to watch and improve. How did I do? Well I was expecting to at least maintain where I was before (due to the encounters being nerfed) but also expecting much more CD usage (due to only running two healers). The actual specifics are below.

Well, the addition of an audio cue has certainly helped. Beth was 15 uses in a 6 min fight, so greater than half the max possible (24 if used on CD). Shannox was 10 uses in a 5:39 fight, so just under half (max possible was 22 uses) and Rhyolith was similar with 9 uses in 5:40 minute fight. While still not great, I am pleased to be making progress, though it does mean that my game is starting to sound like some weird thing with sonar pings, splashing water and cat meows all over the place to remind me of CDs and such.

Harmony Uptime
This is still being well maintained, with 90.4%, 94% and 90% for Beth, Shannox and Rhyolith respectively. Not much else to say about it really, just need to keep maintaining it at at least those values and not drop below 90% uptime.

ToL, Tranq and Innervate usage
Innervate saw more use, as I was expending more mana because of duo healing and with losing moonglow. However, tranquility and ToL were being used less as I was keeping them for the last phases to counter additional damage that never came due to the speed of the kills – both Shannox and Beth were around 1 minute quicker than our previous fastest kills. Next time they should see more use as I will know that they will not necessarily be critical for the burn phases.

Managing Nature’s Grace
Was pretty bad tbh, as I was trying to keep an eye on when it would be good, I never really used it and so it was only active once per fight.

Nature’s Swiftness usage
Due to the general lack of major damage for my healing targets, this didn’t really get used much. Though this was due more to the fights that my mistake.

Mana regen with TFD
I used this more than in the past due to expending more mana. Around 60% on Beth and Shannox and about 33% on Rhyolith.  I need to try and get used to working it in more regularly, and after specific events e.g. a combustion on Beth or spear throw for Shannox. Hopefully this will increase its effectiveness.

So overall my original three points are seeing improvement – especially SM (at last!), but my 3 new areas for improvement still need improving. Which is no surprise frankly and hopefully they will also see changes for the better in the coming weeks. The changes I made to my talent setup don’t seem to have affected my mana too much _ as I wasn’t using innervate much before it simply means that I pop it a little more. Additionally, I think that living seed is doing a good bit more healing that it was before, though it is hard to tell as one fight is pre nerf and one is post. However, I am generally pleased with the way my healing is going 🙂