Past Blizzcons remembered

In the last few weeks, various blogs and podcasts have been increasingly mentioning one event. Likewise twitter is overflowing with people talking about the same event – that’s right it’s time for Blizzcon 2011! Given the amount of tweeting and posting going on, it would appear that every player and their <random companion pet> is going to Blizzcon this year.

So I thought I would make this post for the benefit of myself and the other player not going to Blizzcon this week (come on, there has to one other out there somewhere……) and have a quick recap of the glory of other Blizzcons, the announcements, the parades and so on.

Trick paragraph ๐Ÿ˜› Blizzcon didn’t start until 2005, move on down, nothing to see here ๐Ÿ™‚

Approximately 8000 people attended Blizzcon 2005 and it was a happy time for some and a not so happy time for others. Players of WoW were pleased with the announcement of the Burning Crusade expansion and the fact that they would be able to reach the heady heights of level 70 as well as exploring Outlands. However, fans of Diablo were not so happy as a hoped for announcement regarding Diablo III was not present, this being despite rumours that had been circulating since Feburary 2005 that Blizzard would announce something about it at the Con. There was also a playable demo of Starcraft: Ghost. Additionally there was a songwriting competition judged by Jonathon Davies of Korn, and Offspring played for the closing gig, as did the Blizzard in house group; Level 60 Elite Tauren Chieftain.

Those lucky people who were there received swagbags containing in-game codes to access the closed beta of TBC as well a redeemable code for a unique in game pet – Murky.

Below is a video of the 2005 Costume Contest.

Error: no such event found. There was no Blizzcon 2006.

After skipping 2006, Blizzcon was back in 2007 with around 13,000 people attending it. The major announcements this time around were Starcraft II (complete with playable demos of the Protoss and Terran races, but no Zerg) and the coming of Arthas in the second WoW expansion – The Wrath of the Lich King.

Additionally there were panels to discuss PvP, class changes and balances, various raids/dungeons and a host of other stuff. This time around the swagbags contained starter decks for the WoW TCG, a beta key for Wrath and an ingame murloc suit.

The closing gig was performed by Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain (they cleared Outlands same as everyone else), Video Games Live and Jay Mohr.

Below is a video of the 2007 Costume Contest. It is in 3 parts, this is part 1.

This time they started with an annual Con and so Blizzcon returned once more in 2008. In total 15,000 visitors arrived, keeping it growing from 2007. After the announcement of SC:II in 2007, Blizzard announced that it would be released as a trilogy, with each part containing the storyline of one of the three races. They also announced details of the wizard class that would be appearing Diablo III, as well as having a playable demo of DIII.

SC:II was still playable as a demo, though since 2007, the Zerg were added as a playable race.

For the first time, Blizzcon was also run as a PPV event, with 8 hours of HD footage a day.

Once again, the house band had levelled up and the Con was closed by Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain and Video Games Live.

The lucky attendees received the usual swagbag, in 2008 these contained the WoW mount the Big Blizzard Bear.

Below is a video of the 2008 Costume Contest. It is in 7 parts, this is part 1

The 4th Blizzcon saw a record 20,000 visitors and was enlarged from 3 halls to 4 to accommodate the expected increase from 2008. The big announcement of 2009 was the coming of Cataclysm, the 3rd WoW expansion. This was available as a playable demo throughout the Con.

Blizzard also released details of another new class for DIII: the Monk, and continued to have playable demos of DII and SCII available.

As well as ย continuing the PPV, the Con was also streamed over the internet. Anyone subscribing to either of these options received the WoW pet Grunty – a tiny little murloc marine. Grunty was also in the swag bag along with a Starcraft themed authenticator.

The Con was closed by a performance from Ozzy Osbourne, who I still picture as more of a Belf than a Forsaken ๐Ÿ˜€

Below is a video of the 2009 Costume Contest. It is in 3 parts, this is part 1.

Following the trend, last year’s Blizzcon was the biggest ever, with over 27,000 visitors. With no major announcement for either SCII or WoW, the limelight went to unveiling of the DIII Demon Hunter class and the DIII PvP Arena. Blizzard continued with the online streaming, with the virtual ticket allowing access to over 50 hours of HD footage from 4 separate cameras. As well as the streaming, it was also available again as a PPV event.

The cute little addition to the companion pet list was Deathy (a murloc in a deathwing costume^^)

Tenacious D closed the Con with an epic performance.

Below is a video of the 2010 Costume Contest. It is in 9 parts, this is part 1.

Blizzcon 2011 is meant to be bigger, better and brighter than any that have gone before, so here’s hoping that all those going have an awesome time and keep the rest of us updated via twitter and such of any cool stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good time there guys ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Thanks very much for this! I’ve been hoping someone would write a retrospective post as we came up to Blizzcon – I was wanting to check out all the past content and see how we’ve gotten to where we are now, but I admit I also wasn’t wanting to do all that work!

    I’ve featured this post over on the Melting Pot – I reckon a lot of people will find it really interesting!

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