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I haven’t posted as much recently as I would have liked, but there are reasons. There are all kinds of titles and partially written posts floating around my draft sections but somehow none seemed to write properly, so I just haven’t finished them, rather than turn out something half-arsed.

Also, I have been very busy recently with one thing or another and just not had a lot of time for writing. So this is more of a little summary post of a few things that maybe are not enough for a full post all to themselves.

Kat’s Portrait

As my followers on twitter (@restoisepic) will probably have noticed I have a new avatar. This is an amazing picture of Kat drawn by the talented Vidyala at Manalicious. Below is a bigger version so its easier to see.

I love this piece and thinks it’s great, so I may have to treat myself to some more of Vid’s artwork for other parts of my blog in the future.

A bit more progress in Firelands

After a few weeks of terrible raiding (people on holiday etc), we finally managed to get back into Firelands properly and go poke Baleroc. As seems to be our way, on the first full evening on a boss we downed him. Overall the fight was actually relatively easy, especially due to one thing – a spriest/resto druid combo.

We ran with a 1/2/7 setup for tanks/heals/dps. Once the tank had pulled and got some good aggro, we popped hero and started to nuke. The shadow priest, Reyni, took the first shard and stayed on it until 25 stacks, however the trick is that at 19 stacks she popped dispersion. At the same time I went tree and spammed a good amount of insta-regrowths and superfast nourishes. This got me up to 60+ stacks of Vital Spark. Once hero and tree form expired and our 2nd dps took over from Reyni we just burnt him down with no trouble. Healing wise, I stayed on the tank for the rest of the fight as our second healer couldn’t gather more sparks than Kat had.

All in all, a pretty easy fight. We then went and poked Staghelm and found it was pretty much the same. We kept the same 1/2/7 setup and soaked 7 cleaves from scorpion before switching to cat. At first we tried 6 leaps, but found it easier with only 5. We were going really well and had him to 21%, and probably would have downed him on the last attempt except for a small mistake on my part – I was calling the switches and was concentrating on readying to move out with searing seeds to force a change to kitty and I missed the call so we had too much cleave damage. Next time though he is going down! 😀

Mists of Pandaria

I had so many different things and ideas I was going to write, then I read other blogs and it seemed like it would just be rehashing what other people had already written. With that in mind I thought I would simply summarise my thoughts on MoP thusly:  I am really looking forward to the expansion and think that overall it will be very good fun. Though I am concerned about the direction the talents are going, the new class and continent look awesome and I can’t wait to try it out on the beta (yh I bought the Annual Pass).

Well, that’s all for now, will ahve to try and finished off some more of these other posts that I have half written, as well as the next part of the story.


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  1. I used to have a honking big power aura that tells me to MOVE when searing seeds are about to expire on me. I’ve gotten used to it now, so now I just watch the seed counting down on my raid frame before I have to run out. On heroic though, me and the other healer don’t stack at all and stay outside at all the times, this makes it a lot easier not having to worry too much about having to run out. You could maybe incorporate this, if you use power auras. I also use power auras to watch for stacks/tormented/vital flame on Baleroc and have found it extremely useful since I can’t use vent for call outs.

    I still have a hell of a time building stacks on Baleroc (heroic mode but its the same as Normal). I don’t get to stack on the spriest with the dispersion and am often really behind in terms of stacks with my priest healer. I pop ToL right away when it’s my turn to heal the dps, but I find that I can’t use nourish for too long and have to switch to healing touch and regrowths (even using Swiftmend if I can just for the extra stack). I really have to try hard to even get to 60 stacks :/ We’ve been managing it though, Baleroc is just not my favorite 😛

    Also, do you cast Thorns on your tank? I do every time it’s off CD to nudge the fights along faster, hehe.

    • I found a PA that has a little bombling and a huge timer counting down so I can track it. Seemed to work on our last raid night 😀 The same applies to vital spark/flame, I have a big aura for the flame with a timer.

      After reading around a bit, I found Baleroc quite easy. As I said above, I went ToL and spammed some nourishes and RGs, using Innervate to bring me back up. It also helped that we had our spriest starting so I was getting 6,7 and 8 stacks per heal towards the switch over.

      I use thorns when I remember, but my pet gnome tank always calls out for thorns on Alysrazor when the hatchlings spawn.

  2. Baleroc is easy, I agree with you. It’s just been really rough for me trying to get stacks. Perhaps I need to clarify a bit more, on heroic mode, I can’t spam nourishes as much as I can on normal. I can maybe get one or 2 in before I have to switch to healing touch and that’s the reason why I can’t get as many stacks I would like to because it’s so *slow*. Grr.

    I’ve been thinking about redoing my offspec, it’s currently a resto pvp spec but I’m supposed to raid again tonight and more than likely will hit Baleroc again. I’m thinking maybe respec towards a nourish build where you cast three rejuves and you get faster nourishes. Out of all fights, Baleroc is honestly my bane 🙂

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