20 days of WoW Blogging – Why I decided to start a blog

Onto day two of the 20 days of WoW blogging – why I decided to start a blog.

Resto is Epic is pretty new still, having only been started at the beginning of 2011. The reason for this was mainly an increase in the amount of raiding I did. Pre 3.3 my raiding was restricted to the (very) occasional VoA and a single 3/5 attempt in ToC. However, after 3.3, we had decided as a guild that we would look at raiding together and organise it properly.  As one of only a few decently geared healers in the guild, and already deciding I really wasn’t in DPS, I ended up healing our ICC raid team.

In turn this meant that I had to do my homework on how to actually increase Kat’s output, rather than just gathering random bits of gear that saw me through heroics. I starting reading up on EJ, MMO-C and so on but also came across a bunch of guides and such on various blogs. As well as finding the guides very useful I also enjoyed reading about other peoples experiences in the game.

Fast forward a good few months, we had cleared ICC, Cataclysm had arrived and Otaku was talking about continuing our raiding into T11 content. So once again I went out searching for the required info that I needed to max out Kat’s effectiveness. This time around though I noticed that a lot of the blogs and such I was reading were written by, and targetted at, quite serious and progressive raiders. There wasn’t so much in the way of information for someone starting out, or who didn’t already know the basics. By now though, I had nearly a year of experience under my belt of raid healing and leading, as well as playing other healing classes and felt more confident in my own abilities and opinions regarding resto druids.

Looking at the spectrum of blogs out there, I thought that there may be a spot in the WoW blogsphere for a little blog written by a casual raider, without an overall emphasis on heavy raiding. Also, I hoped to give something back to the community – after all, some of the blogs out there helped me get into raiding better (and are still helping me improve my healing and raiding now), I may in turn be able to help someone up their game enough to feel confident about switching to healing, or trying out raiding or just something new.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought that my thoughts and ideas about healing, playing, raiding etc were just as valid as those of more experienced and HC players so why not try out this whole blogging thing and see what happens. Additionally, I would always have somewhere to vent my frustrations on changes, nerfs and so on without spamming other peoples comment sections 😀

Thus Resto is Epic was born, and 10 months later seems to be going stronger than ever 🙂


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  1. You have a very nice blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts on Warcraft and Resto Druids in particular.

  2. I’m thinking of doing the 20 days of WoW blogging too, but I also got excited about the 50 screenshot challenge for Novemeber, so I’m doing that 😛

    My druid actually started out the same way as you did. She did a few healing stints in ICC, and the occasional VoA raid. My rogue was my main raiding toon back then, and it wasn’t until Cata hit that I decided my druid would become my main to help fill in the need for healers. Now I’m absolutely crazy for resto druids 🙂

    Also, in regards to your frustration on changes/nerfs, like your recent post on WG…. I hate it as much as you do! I also saw your comment in regards to a certain poster criticizing TGQ…. well said, Kat. It’s absolutely terrible.

    • hmm, I hadn’t seen the 50 screenshot challenge, but as I am doing the 20 days, I probably shouldn’t start another, especially as I already have another, secret project in the works atm 😉

      Kat was originally an alt I made to take time out from my main of the time (human warrior). The warrior (Adalbrecht) was who I had raided with, mostly dps with a little bit of tanking- I threw myself in the deep end and tried pug tanking the first wing of ICC the week it came out :O The guild needed a healer in general as we didn’t have a regular healer at all (we were just running 5 mans at the time) so I dusted off Kat (47 at the time) and jumped straight into healing; I absolutely loved it and have never looked back since. As you say – crazy for resto druids 😀

      The frustration is….well…. frustrating 😀 It’s annoying when they change stuff that is clearly wrong. The other one bugging me atm is that we asked for a defensive CD but WITHOUT making barkskin castable on other people – and what do they propose for MoP; a baseline resto talent that makes BS castable on other people ><

      Regarding TCG, I felt I had to post, a lot of the commentators in general seemed to be female and I felt that another bloke needed to speak up for her rather than against.

      • Yeah, I picked that up from Blog Azeroth where I recently signed up. It’s the 20 days of WoW blogging or the 50 days of screenshots- I can always do the 20 days later 🙂 What is this super secret project?! I want to know!

        I never took you for a warrior, haha. I’d know, most people go, “Lol, what? You used to be a rogue?!” Do you pvp also on Kat?

        I agree that it’s not really fair to nerf us when all we have is our throughput. I think they would have to come up with completely NEW spells in order to give us some defensive/mitigation tools. I don’t like it that we get to cast BS on other people, because after all, it’s a cd you are supposed to use to save your own hide. This is similiar to what holy paladins have, they can cast Hand of Sacrifice (transfers damage to the hpally for a few seconds), so we could maybe look at it this way. Sacrifice a self defensive CD to save the tank, or save it for yourself, but the thing is that, it only benefits the one person who gets it. So I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, but it is at least a option if we decide to choose that.

        The other concern about BS is that it can be OP in pvp if you could cast it on someone else who is being tanked (ie the flag carrier), so I would not be surprised if the balancing issues around BS for both pve and pvp caused Blizzard to hesitate.

        So…. while WG is a little too OP, I do agree that they should at least give us more tools so that it’s just not our throughput that has to mitigate everything. We’ll see in MoP.

        Yeah, a lot of the posters were definitely female, but I do know there were some male commentators. I understood where the OP was coming from, but he certainly could have waited until he got more information and then, worded it differently than he did. He just came across really callously, and I could see that he tried to inject a little humor into it from writing in character, but even that was not even remotely funny. I didn’t comment because a lot of what was said pretty much reflected what I thought. Either way, I’m rooting for TGQ!

      • you will find out what the secret project is next weekend (or thereabouts 😉 )

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