20 days of WoW blogging – My first day in wow

So, the third day of this little exercise – my first day in WoW.

I will ignore my first “experience” of WoW as it wasn’t nice and put me off playing for a few years, without going into too much detail, a horde friend (whom I had played Warcraft I and II with “Back in the Day”(tm) ) was an avid WoW player and wanted me to try it out. As a dyed in the wool horde he made me try a horde. I rolled a troll hunter on his account, got to about level 7 and then quit.

However, my first “real” day playing WoW (i.e. my own account and the character I wanted to play was an entirely different matter).

A couple of years later, I had just been made redundant and my wife was away for the weekend, so I thought what the heck, I will download the WoW client over Friday night and give it a go on Saturday evening. Eventually my agonisingly slow connection finished the download and I got my account sorted and logged in to start the game.

Usually in any RPG (video game or P&P) my first character is my IRL polar opposite – the hulking great warrior/fighter/barbarian who can slay many orcs/trolls/ogres with a single sweep of his sword/mace/axe. You get the idea.

Wow was no different.

Having already played all the Warcraft games since their debut in ’94, by the time I started WoW at the end of 2008 I already had a good amount of lore and game knowledge under my belt and knew where my loyalties were – FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!!!!!! 😀

While I knew what I was going to be (human warrior), I needed a name and also a look. As I have mentioned before, I am also a Warhammer Fantasy Battle nerd and my army of the time was Empire (plain normals humans circa 14th-16th Germany). The general of this little band of intrepid soliders was a rather strapping blonde haired chap by the name of Adalbrecht. A quick tweak of the the hair and facial features and voila! Adalbrecht, the human warrior was ready to go hammer some orcs!

So, full of anticipation about actually trying out what I wanted, I logged into WoW for the first time properly.

Immediately I was enthralled by the surroundings – I like the look of the normal human areas (Elwynn Forest and so on), so the look of Northshire Abbey and it’s environs were pretty awesome. Dutifully I followed the on screen newb advice and sought out my first quest. Soon I was happily slaying wolves and gnolls. Look! a “crap rusty sword” that is slightly better than what I have! Wait! My bags are full where I can sell stuff!?!? I was giddy with excitement about being immersed in an RPG world I have been in contact with for over a decade. Even just walking around the Abbey itself was awesome. The sombre quiet inside and the light through the windows made it seem like a real place, with people scurrying around from one job to another, both other players and the NPCs.

Finally I finished the little line of quests there, rescuing the wine, killing the bad guys and so on. The next task I was given was to go and report to some place called Goldshire. I followed my order and hurried towards this new place. At first I was a little disappointed as I left Northshire Abbey and then was told I was in a new zone. I checked my map and saw Stormwind not far away from where I was – surely this can’t be right, I have only been playing for an hour or so and already I am nearly at Stormwind? I thought this game was big! Then I saw Northshire was only a small part of an area, I zoomed out and saw that Elwynn Forest was in turn only a single county in a whole continent and then that there were two continents just on this PLANET! and that if I continued zooming out there was actually another planet to visit! Ok, maybe it was bigger than I thought 😀

Continuing along the road for what seem like ages, I came across this little town of Goldshire. It was dark and the whole  place was on fire, people running around everywhere with buckets of water and some guy was on a flying horse and shouting in rhymes. That’s right, I started playing October and had entered Goldshire for the first time during one of the Headless Horseman’s little burny phases. Seeing there were quests here as well, I picked up what I could started to help put out fires and so on.

Suddenly I realised that I had been playing for a good number of hours since I put the kids to bed and it was nearly midnight!  Logging off I thought that this was way better than the time my “friend” made me play a troll >< and that I would definitely be back to Azeroth. So ended my first real day of WoW 🙂

Now back to writing my post for the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving 2011 event.


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