20 days of WoW Blogging – My best WoW memory

Day 4 of the 20 Days of Wow Blogging and probably the most difficult one. The writing is not a problem, but trying to figure out the subject is hard 😀

I may not have played WoW as long as some of you, but there are still so many awesome memories to pick from;

  • My first level 80 – for weeks I was the only non 80 in the guild and every day logged in to see 80,80,80,80,80,80, 64 or whatever level I was. What were these “heroics”? OMG they are talking about making 5000 gold quickly! (I had about 300g at the time) and all these other things that max level toons discuss and the low newbies have not a sausage what they are talking about. Finally dinging 80 was pretty epic 😀
  • Marrowgar; Otaku’s first real raid kill – we had spent a good few nights on him and forged a working raid team from a bunch of inexperienced casuals, some of us (like me) were trying out our classes and roles for the first time in a raid instance, most of us had never been in a raid (except VoA) but we managed to get it together and down him.
  • IRL Guild meetup – another guild couple came and stayed with us for a week in May, we also got some other guildies to visit as well and had an awesome weekend finally meeting these people we had been gaming with for so long.
  • and a whole bunch of others 🙂

However the one I will pick for this isn’t on that list, and doesn’t even seem that important or great, but was pretty special to me.  So what is it? Healing a bad pull in Hellfire Ramparts as I was levelling Kat. It was on the platform at the top of the stairs where you can go ahead or right to the second and third bosses in there.

Why is it such a good memory? Well, a few weeks earlier I had started playing Kat “properly” i.e. actively pushing to get her levelled to 80 ASAP instead of just pootling when I was bored. Also, I had decided that she would also go full resto and try healing – previously she had been levelling with a rogue as more of a restokin. In the previous 10 levels (I had picked her up at 48) I had most instances and had moderate success; there were some wipes and some close calls but I seemed to be settling into the whole healing thing not too badly.

Once I hit Outlands, I was rather wary of going into dungeons there – after all, there is quite a jump in damage between vanilla/outlands dungeons, I didn’t have very good gear (no heirlooms on Kat to begin with) and as a relatively new healer I really didn’t want to put up with the general crap that is LFD.

Then I thought, sooner or later I need to push myself so why not now? People may be more forgiving of a new/inexperienced healer on lower dungeons so why not just go for it. As I was considering this, I saw a group being formed up in general chat, they were full except for a healer, so I just went for it.

We all trudged into HR and I explained I was still quite new and stuff, everyone was cool with that and we just took it easy. The lower area was cleared with no real trouble (including the boss) and I was feeling pretty confident. Then we went upstairs and cleared to the platform. The party moved forwards as the patrol passed and as we gauged the best way to take it something went totally wrong. I have no idea if someone moved to the wrong place, or a pet went funny or what. All I know is that suddenly the group to the right aggroed us, this then pulled next group along, this pulled the patrol that then pulled another group and then as we moved back from then the party aggroed the last group behind us.

Suddenly we were totally surrounded by however many mobs are up there (about 14 I think), the tank was having issue picking them all up, people were splitting dps everywhere and trying to CC stuff that was instantly broken and so on. Absolute mayhem.

As I frantically clicked my mouse and madly poked buttons, desperate to keep my group alive, I felt quite a buzz. Everything seemed to click into place – if you have ever seen the Futurama episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee and saves everyone from the fire; it kinda felt like that 😀

Everything clicked into place and I just kept healing, it all just felt “right”. After what seemed like an hour, the fight was over and we were still alive. Not a single member of the party (including pets) had died. Some were low on health, and I had had to make some tough decisions over who to heal and who to risk, but we had won.

I was already doing my own little happy dance and having a bit of an adrenaline high the chat window filled up with “FUCKING AWESOME HEALING!!!” “I thought we were screwed but Kat was amazing” “I thought you said you were not very good!” and all kinds of similar things. I was quite taken back as no one had ever complimented my healing before, no matter how well I thought I had done.

At that point I knew that I had found my niche. I already knew I liked tanking and was increasingly meh about dpsing, but at that moment I just knew that healing was my thing. The buzz of juggling the health bars and mana, split second decisions over who to heal and how, it felt like trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning while skating on ice. It was awesome 😀

So that is why that is my best memory of WoW, not only was it the first time I was complimented about my healing, it was also the moment that I knew my thing was being a healer. I was (and hopefully still am) a good and competent tank, but I cannot slip into it on a fresh character as easily as I can with healing. When I am healing and things start to get a bit hairy is when it is most enjoyable and I start to get a buzz; when you can just feel things start slipping away and suddenly you have to switch off the autopilot and actually work like crazy to keep your teammates alive. That evening in Hellfire Ramparts was when I discovered that buzz.

Other than that, I still hate Outlands with a passion 😀




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  1. Kat,

    Great post! I totally agree that there is very little that compares to the adrenaline of healing through a tough pull and coming out of it getting some inspiring compliments. It is always great to hear people talk about being passionate about healing.

    ~ Effy

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