20 Days of WoW Blogging – My Favourite In-game Items

EDIT: Go check our new podcast at roflmiao.wordpress.com if you haven’;t already, the buffering issue seems to be resolved now, and please let us know what you think of it 🙂

Unfortunately, Day 5 of this series is almost as hard as day 4 ^^ I have maxed out my bank with stuff I like, my bags are full and I even have alts just for the non BoP stuff that I have collected on Kat. I have managed to collect a load of stuff in my few years of playing.

However, within all that bag space and hundreds of collectibles there are a few things that stand out as being my favourites – in some cases because I just like them, however easy they are to obtain and in other cases because they were not so easy to get and I was so pleased when I did finally get them.

Wintersabre Mount/Winterspring Cub

Yes,yes I got this after it became relatively easy to get, but meh I don’t care 😛 I have wanted one of these for a very long time and never seemed to find the time to follow it up, and then suddenly I was able to get it 😀

I spent my time rearing it, training it, playing with it and now it is MINE!!!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

/cough, sorry about that, but yh I really like this mount 😀

Sandbox Tiger

This little item is from a TCG loot card and is the source of endless amusement in Otaku. Long ago in the mists of time we were poking our way through Naxx and finally got it finished for the first time. One of our members popped out this little ghostly tiger and we all took turns in having a go and a laugh then we moved on else. Suddenly on vent this plaintive little voice says “help! guys, I’m stuck, how do you get off this thing!” and we turned around to see our little hunter gently rocking back and forth in the middle of Kel’Thuzad’s room. We laughed. A lot. So ever since we try and drop a little sandbox tiger whenever we down the last boss of a raid, or just when we are bored waiting for AFKer’s


I have pretty bad luck at times with raid drops for Kat. Specifically weapons. Until recently I spent all of our Fireland’s raiding with a 353, pretty much all of T11 was done with a blue 346. ICC was no different, iirc I started out with some terrible dagger and I would look at other druids and see things like Trauma and Lockjaw and just wish that one of them could be mine, please. Then in one week we did both a 10 and 25 man run, Lockjaw dropped! yoink mine! Later on in the week we did the 25 man, and Trauma dropped! Worriedly I waited for the reactions of the other (pugged) healers, “meh” “crap weapon” and so on, they all passed on it! IT WAS MINE!!!! So yh, I got Trauma, and was rather pleased 🙂 That and the abacus accounted for a decent bit of healing with their procs, especially from all the HoTs Kat throws around! ZING! ZING! ZING! 😀

So there you go, some of my special items, may not be much to some people but hey, they are too me 😀


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