20 days of WoW Blogging – Your workplace/desk

Well for once, this 20 days thing is quite easy – neither of my workstations is particularly impressive or anything exciting.

I am quite lucky in that I have two WoW bases to play from – my own at home and my workstation at work where I get to do dailies, level, write blog stuff etc during my lunch break.

Work Desk

So, the work desk is pretty boring tbh, white wall, white desk, black keyboard and black mouse ^^ Only interesting bit is the artwork to the left of the monitor – another drawing from my youngest, this time a family of dragons. She likes dragons. REALLY likes dragons.

Home desk

This is actually not that much of a desk, space is so tight that my monitor and keyboard actually have to sit on top of my bedside chest of drawers along with my lamp (even the speakers are built into the monitor).

The keyboard is a snazzy little MS Sidewinder, it helps conserve space by having a removable keypad.

The printed table above the keyboard is my keybinds for all my vuhdo settings – a 5 button mouse (and using shift and alt) and 5 different healing specs mean there is a lot to remember, and sometimes I find it hard to remember the binds for some lesser used specs (Kairae’s disc spec for example).

The shelf above contains my “easy reading” collection – WoW novels (normal and graphic), Scott Pilgrim books and various other things like that, as well as my other much needed WoW related papperwork (boss notes, my tier gear ticky list and so on), and of course Maneki Neko for luck with boss drops 😀

So, I am afraid they are nothing too exciting really, just a couple of pretty normal boring desks.


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