20 days of WoW Blogging – Why “Resto is Epic”

…and onto day 7 of the 20 days. I would have preferred a different post today, but as I look through my drafts folder I have 17(!) partially written posts and none that I am happy to release for public consumption yet. So I am afraid that todays post is the next day of the 20 days of WoW Blogging.

So then, the reason behind the name “Resto is Epic”, well as many people probably did when they first started their blogs, I tried to think of something short and snappy that would be awesome. I totally drew a blank ><

Then I started to think around druids and tried to come up with something that was witty and amusing, a play on words or similar. Again, I drew a blank, everything I thought of seemed silly and contrived.

Moving onto names that were descriptive I tried to come up with something nice and original. Looking through other blogs I saw that a bunch of them were taken: The obvious (the restoration druid), the amusing (tree heals go whoosh!) and so on.

Finally I thought about why I play a resto druid and started bouncing around some ideas based on that. As I was thinking, I started asking myself various questions, among them was “why do I enjoy playing Kat so much?” the answer was basically “well, playing resto druid is epic” and suddenly I thought – bing! there it is is! A bit of playing around and shortening, and it became “Resto is Epic”. It sums up why I play it, what I think of it and my enthusiasm for it. Also, as I realised later I could also talk about my shammy as well 😀

So it was nothing exciting or like a thunderbolt from the heavens, just me at work ploughing through a bunch of ideas until i found one that didn’t seem as bad as the others 😀


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  1. We all know it was really to make it demeaning to your fellow Feral author whenever he posts a new blog and has to announce that he’s writing for a site called ‘Resto Is Epic’.

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