About Katarnas

After reading a few other blogs about wow and stuff I thought that in return someone may like to read my thoughts, ideas and experiences in the game, so I decided to start Resto is Epic.

Who am I?
My name is Kat (or fully Katarnas) and I am the GM and the RL for Peep DerpleΒ guild on the EU realm Chamber of Aspects. Katarnas is my main, a resto(MS)/bear(OS) night elf druid. I started playing WoW just before 3.0 came along, and initially was a fury (then fury/prot) warrior by the name of Adabrecht. However at the start of 2010 I switched to leveling Kat so we had more healers in preparation for starting ICC and got completely hooked on both the class, and healing in general. Since then Kat has been through ICC, BoT, BWD and we are currently 4/7 in normal mode Firelands.

Generally I like playing a variety of different class, though healing is my favoured role. At the moment I have my resto druid, a resto shammy (Ailena) and a holy/disc priest (Kairae). Also in the works in a holy/prot paladin (Kaeda). After healing I also enjoy tanking and will run either on kat as feral, or on my nelf warrior Katjara. There is also a DK lurking in the background who may or may not get geared enough to do random dungeons.

The one role I intensely dislike though is DPS. I just don’t find it fun or anything. So no mages, warlocks, hunter etc for me. Though I do have a rogue at 83, but that it is different as she was started waaaay back as my second character and as she has all inscription recipes and 525 LW I can’t delete her..

When playing I tend to do all sorts, I am not really into any one aspects of the game over another. So any given evening may find me raising professions, exploring, rep grinding or levelling another alt, the only thing I don’t do regularly is PvP though I have done some arenas and battleground stuff in the past (but not a lot).

On a personal level, I am married and have 2 children and 4 cats (who all love climbing over laps, arms, keyboards and monitors just at that crucial stage of a raid πŸ™‚ ). In addition to World of Warcraft I also play fantasy wargames (specifically WHFB) and I am a dark age re-enactor

Luckily for me my wife also plays Wow so I don’t get nagged about playing or raiding and such. We generally play on a purely social level though we also raid in guild.

I am hoping to post one main post each week here, and possibly a few shorter posts depending on what material I come across and if I feel like I need a rant πŸ™‚ There should be a mixture of topics, but generally any class based stuff will be resto druids or possibly feral (tank), however as the title is RESTO is epic I am also tempted to put some stuff in about resto shammies πŸ™‚

Please be forewarned that I may ramble and go off at a tangent to anything I may be posting πŸ™‚

Above all I hope you will enjoy my inane witterings


  1. Lol, inane witterings… πŸ™‚ I donΒ΄t complain! You at least divert/amuse me when time at work gets a bit to slow πŸ™‚
    I just have to ask you what a dark age re-enactor is. Viking?!

    /Cheers from Sweden! πŸ™‚

  2. hehe ty πŸ™‚

    for us dark age is viking and saxon basically covering from the first viking attack on the UK (793 at lindisfarne) to the battle of hastings (1066)

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