Quick Feral Bear Guide (4.2)

This is just intended as more of a summary or quick-start guide than anything else. I wasn’t planning on doing one but a few people and guildies have mentioned it so I thought I would throw some ideas together. It probably will never evolve to the same level as my resto guide but you never know 🙂

Stat Priority
Lets start with a fundamental; Stat prio. If you can’t get this right you may as well quit WoW now and go play something else 😛

  1. Agility – This gives us dodge, crit and attack power.
  2. Dodge – As our primary mitigation stat, dodge is awesome.
  3. Mastery – Our mastery is not bad, though not as good as dodge.
  4. Hit – the melee cap is 8%, not too hard to reach.
  5. Expertise – Hitting the expertise soft cap (26) will prevent raid bosses dodging your attacks, hitting the hard cap(56) will prevent them parrying your attacks.
  6. Crit – more crit = more damage = more threat
  7. Haste – Faster attack swings = more threat

The above list is our approx prio. Some prefer it rearranged a bit, but personally thats what I go on. try to reach your 8% on gear alone (i.e not gemming unless you have to). Expertise isn’t usually too much of an issue, though more is better. As much of your reforging as possible you want to sink into dodge. Your ideal gear (after reaching hit cap) will be agi + mastery with something else you can reforge into dodge.

Gems and Reforging
Bears should be looking at the following gems;

  • Meta –   Austere Shadowspirit Diamond (+81 Stamina and 2% increased armour)
  • Red – Delicate Inferno Ruby (+40 Agility)
  • Yellow – Polished Ember Topaz (+20 Agility and +20 Dodge)
  • Blue – Shifting Demonseye (+20 Agility and + 20 Stamina)

There are some other gems that may have their uses (such as Adept ember Topaz) but on the whole, I would recommend stacking agility unless you can get a *good* socket bonus, in which case use either of the other two gems.

As for reforging, check the stat list above. When you come to reforge, whichever stat is lowest on the list reforge it into dodge (unless you are over the hit cap, in which case always reforge excess hit into dodge). If you are desperately low on expertise then you can reforge into expertise, but tbh you should get plenty from gear alone.

Bear gearing in a nutshell – try and stack as much agility and mastery as you can.

Hopefully you will get your 8% hit from your gear and some expertise as well. Unfortunately there is no gear with dodge on, so your next best secondary stat will be mastery. Once you are hit capped, ideal gear will be mastery + expertise/crit.

When looking at trinkets, keep a few points in mind;

  • Generally a stacking agility bonus is better than a proc, even if the proc is higher than the stack. This is because a stacking bonus from attacking etc will also be up and will help overall more than a potential high proc when you don’t need it.
  • Unless your trinkets are abysmal, avoid pure stamina trinkets. Despite what many people think, high health does not equal a good tank. At low gear levels it just means its a tank stacking stamina which is bad.
  • Generally, unless a trinket has agility/mastery/dodge/stamina as both its primary stat and on use/proc (unless its got an absorb or such instead) it is not good for you regardless of iLevel. High iLevel does not make you a good tank if you are stacking + crit and +str trinkets!


  • Helm – Arcanum of the Earthen Ring (requires Earthen Ring revered)
  • Shoulders – Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz (requires Therazane exalted)
  • Cloak – Enchant Cloak – Major Agility
  • Chest – Enchant Chest – Greater Stamina or Peerless Stats
  • Bracers – Enchant Bracer – Agility or Dodge
  • Gloves – Enchant Gloves – Major Agility or Greater Mastery
  • Belt – Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
  • Legs – Charscale Leg Armor
  • Boots – Earthen Vitality or Assassin’s Step
  • Weapon – Enchant 2H Weapon – Mighty Agility or (if you can afford it) Windwalk

As with gems there are a few other choices but those above are what I favour. Some are expensive (such as agility on bracers) and should be saved for very nice gear.

A good general build using the feral + resto trees



Prime– Only 3 sensible options here

  • Glyph of Mangle – Increases damage by 10%
  • Glyph of Berserk – Increases duration by 10 seconds
  • Glyph of Lacerate – Increases crit chance by 5%

Major– The first three are my own personal choice, though the other 2 are also viable.

  • Glyph of Maul – Causes Maul to hit a second target for 50% damage
  • Glyph of Rebirth – Rebirth target rezzed with 100% health + mana
  • Glyph of Feral Charge – Reduces cooldown by 1 second
  • Glyph of Faerie Fire – Increases range by 10 yards
  • Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration – Increases healing taken by 30% but removes rage to hp conversion.


  • Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth – Rebirth no longer need a reagent
  • Glyph of Challenging Roar – Reduces cooldown by 30 seconds
  • Glyph of Mark of the Wild – Mana cost reduced by 50%

Rotation  and Aggro Generation
Regardless of the situation, there are a few things that always apply

  1. Keep Demoralising Roar active at all times
  2. Faerie Fire on your primary target
  3. Use Mangle whenever it is off cooldown
  4. Maintain a level 3 Pulverise buff at all times, +9% crit for free is just too nice to pass up (remember more crit = more damage = more threat and quicker fights).

Our primary single target abilities are;

  1. Mangle – high damage, high threat, 6 second CD
  2. Lacerate – high damage, high threat, gives DoT that can reset Mangle CD, sets you up to use Pulverise
  3. Pulverise – medium damage and threat, grants +3% crit per stack of lacerate on the target
  4. Maul – medium damage and threat, bleed increasing effects also increase Maul damage, not tied to GCD but has 3 seconds CD so macro it to everything.

Our primary AoE  abilities are;

  1. Maul – When glyphed, hits a second target.
  2. Swipe – low damage but good threat, 3 second CD
  3. Thrash –  low damage but good threat, applies a DoT to all targets, 6 second CD

How this works in single target/multiple mobs situations;

Single Target

  1. Faerie Fire
  2. Demo Roar
  3. Mangle
  4. Lacerate x 3
  5. Pulverise (key thing that many people miss is pulverise grants +3% crit per stack of lacerate, so always get lacerate to 3 before pulverising or you lose potential crit)
  6. Use Demo Roar when it expires and cycle through steps 3-5

Multiple targets – To avoid trouble, mark your primary target, this will give you time to get plenty of aggro on the others

  1. Demo Roar
  2. Mangle the primary
  3. Thrash
  4. Swipe
  5. Lacerate x3 on primary
  6. Pulverise on primary
  7. Tab target and apply mangle to all targets, use maul, thrash and swipe on cooldown, maintain pulverise buff
  8. In extreme situations, pop Berserk and Enrage, then tab target and spam Mangle.

Regardless of the number of mobs you are fighting, your default ability (when everything is on CD etc) is lacerate. Anytime you are unsure of what to use, hit lacerate.

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