Resto Druid Guide PvE (4.2)

Kat's Resto Druid Guide

This is THE ULTIMATE restoration druid guide! Hehe, not really, it’s just a collection of my own thoughts and musings about being a resto druid, gleaned from other websites and playing the game.

The emphasis in here is on PvE content and preparing to start raiding, some stuff may be appropriate for PvP as well, though I couldn’t say as atm I don’t really do PvP except for some light BG and TB.

This guide is applicable for the current patch (4.2) though I will change it as required for future patches

Stat Priority and Reforging

Talents and Glyphs

Healing Spells and Rotations

Non-Healing Abilities

Enchants and Gemming

Pre-Raid Resto Gear List


Faction Rewards

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