Faction Rewards

Part Eight: Faction Rewards

As with the profs, originally was a normal post but added here for permanence 🙂

In Cataclysm we have quite a few new factions, as before they give give nice shinies depending on your standing with them. However, of all the new factions, which have the best items for us? Which is best to rep grind first? These and other questions will be answered here.

Firstly, something has changed regarding the items that factions give based on reputation. Most important (especially when compared to Wrath) is that epic items are now truly epic. In Wrath reputation epics were iLevel 200 i.e heroic dungeon level. In Cata they are iLevel 359 which is first tier raid gear. This means that if you can get your grubby little branches on some epics from factions then you will probably not replace them soon.

So, in what I consider order of most importance here are the assorted Cata factions and the reasons why you should grind them;

Avengers of Hyjal – Highest rep needed: Exalted

  • Location – Firelands
  • Tabard – No
  • Quartermaster – Naresir Stormfury
  • Rep gained through – Raiding
  • Resto Friendly Items –
    Flowing Flamewrath Cape: Friendly, iLevel 378, spirit/mastery, a nice upgrade from any of the old 359 cloaks, maybe more difficult to decide with other options (e.g. cloak from heroic Valiona and Theralion)
    Firescar Sash: Honoured, iLevel 378, crit/haste, blue socket, less than ideal with no spirit, but still a nice option especially if you have a 359 or less
    Fiery Quintessence: Revered, iLevel 378, spirit, +int on use, not too great IMO unless you are having real mana issues, though the on use is nice when you need that extra boost (and using it before innervate will give even more mana back)
    Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers: Exalted, iLevel 391, spirit/mastery, a nice ring however you look at it. even without haste, the mastery is very nice now and can always be reforged.

 Wildhammer Clan – Highest rep needed: Exalted

  • Location – Twilight Highlands
  • Tabard – Yes
  • Quartermaster – Craw McGraw in Thundermar (TH)
  • Rep gained through – Questing, Daily Quests, Tabard
  • Resto Friendly Items –
    Mantle of Wild Feathers: honoured, iLevel 333, low level but nice starter shoulders with haste, spirit and a socket
    Belt of the Untamed: exalted, iLevel 359, awesome resto belt, its got haste and spirit and its an epic 🙂
    Lightning Flash Pendant: exalted, iLevel 359, less than ideal stats but still can be reforged and has stacks of intellect

Earthen Ring  – Highest rep needed: Revered

  • Location – Vash’jir and Deepholm
  • Tabard – Yes
  • Quartermaster – Provisioner Arok in Silver Tide Hollow (Vash’jir)
  • Rep gained through – Questing, Tabard
  • Resto Friendly Items –
    Pendant of Elemental balance: honoured, iLevel 333, not ideal, but has spirit and a good bit of intellect if you are having difficulty finding stuff in dungeons as you grind towards Wildhammer rep
    Leggings of Clutching Roots: revered, iLevel 346, no haste but lots of spirit and 2 sockets, plus you can reforge the crit, good starter legs
    Cloak of Ancient Wisdom: revered, iLevel 346, no spirit but lots of haste, can reforge some crit to spirit

Guardians of Hyjal – Highest rep needed: Revered

  • Location – Mount Hyjal
  • Tabard – Yes
  • Quartermaster –  Provisioner Whitecloud in Nordrassil (MH)
  • Rep gained through – Questing, Tabard
  • Resto Friendly Items –
    Cloak of the Dryads: honoured, iLevel 333, a good cloak to start with, but will be replaced quite quickly at 85
    Aessina-Bless Gloves: revered, iLevel 346, with spirit, haste and a socket, these are probably the best pre-raid gloves for resto
    Arcanum of Hyjal: revered, the head enchant for resto

Therazane – Highest rep needed: Exalted

  • Location – Deepholm
  • Tabard – Yes
  • Quartermaster –  D’Lom the Collector in Therazane’s Throne (DH)
  • Rep gained through – Questing, Daily Quests, Tabard
  • Resto Friendly Items –
    Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone: honoured, lower level shoulder enchant but still better than the best from Hodir
    Diamant’s Ring of Temperance: revered, iLevel 346, no spirit but has got haste
    Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone: exalted, the best shoulder enchant for resto

Ramkahen – Highest rep needed: Honoured

  • Location – Uldum
  • Tabard – Yes
  • Quartermaster – Blacksmith Asabi in Ramkahen (Uldum)
  • Rep gained through – Questing, Daily Quests, Tabard
  • Resto Friendly Items –
    Ammunae’s Blessing: honoured, iLevel 333, a good starter ring, but will probably get replaced quickly in heroics

Baradin’s Wardens – Highest rep needed: Exalted

  • Location – Tol Barad Peninsula
  • Tabard – Not for rep grinding
  • Quartermaster – Quartermaster Brazie in Alliance Outpost (TBP)
  • Rep gained through – Daily Quests
  • Resto Friendly Items –
    Shimmering Morningstar: revered, iLevel 346, a not bad weapon, but crit instead of haste, get if you need a weapon desperately and have spare marks, but dungeons drops are better
    Mandala of Stirring Patterns: exalted, iLevel 359, lots of spirit and an intellect proc. This is a rather amazing trinket and very good for us. Definitely worth the grind to get.

As you can see there are some nice iLevel 333 items as you work your way towards the higher level gear and then we have a good mix of heroic and raid level gear once you hit exalted/revered. Most of the factions won’t require much in the way of grinding except Wildhammer Clan and Baradin’s Wardens. Both of those will need a lot of time spent on dailies (unless you just wear the clan tabard but its advisable to grind asap with dailies as well to get a nice boost for healing). Therazane is a long haul as well, but you can get the lesser enchant without too much trouble and then use the tabard once you have everything else you need from the other factions.

Assuming you do all the quest lines in the new areas, you should easily get honoured/revered with Hyjal, Earthen Ring, Therazane and Ramkahen even without any guild perks buffing your rep. Then a few dungeons with a tabard or some dailies will give you the little extra you need for the goodies.

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