Gems and Enchants

Part Five: Gemming and Enchantments

Gemming as a Resto Druid
As our most important stat is Intellect, our choice of gems reflects this. We are looking for either pure intellect gems or something with intellect and a suitable secondary stat. Some say that unless you have a nice socket bonus, ignore colours and just stack pure intellect. Personally I like getting all socket bonuses so I try to always match the colours and gems. The best available gems for us at the moment (assuming you are not a jewelcrafter) are;

Brilliant Inferno Ruby (Red gem, fits red socket) – +40 intellect
Brilliant Chimera’s Eye (Red gem, fits red socket) – +67 intellect JEWELCRAFTER ONLY
Purified Demonseye (Purple gem, fits red and blue sockets) – +20 Intellect and +20 Spirit
Reckless Ember Topaz (Orange gem, fits yellow and red sockets) – + 20 Intellect and +20 Haste
Ember Shadowspirit Diamond (Meta gem, fits only meta socket) – +54 Intellect and 2% increased mana
Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond (Meta gem, fits only meta socket) – +54 Spirit and 3% increased critical healing

I prefer Ember Shadowspirit as my meta at the moment though I can see the merit of the revitalizing diamond if you are going for a crit based build. Other coloured gems could be used if you are looking for additional mastery or crit, but I would never suggest taking gems to increase stamina or such.

There is little choice for enchantments, most slots have an optimal enchanment and there isn’t really any other good option. Where possible I have listed the absolutely best enchant regardless of cost and then alternatives that are not quite as good but much cheaper and probably better suited to non raid gear.

Head – Arcanum of Hyjal (+65 Intellect and + 65 Crit, requires Revered with Guardians of Hyjal)
Shoulders –  Best: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone (+50 Intellect and +25 Haste, requires Exalted with Therazane), Alternative:  Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone (+30 Intellect and +20 Haste, requires Honoured with Therazane), Felfire Inscription  (+130 Intellect and +25 Haste) SCRIBE ONLY
Cloak – Greater Intellect (+50 Intellect)
Chest – Best: Peerless Stats (+20 Stats), Alternative: Exceptional Spirit (+40 Spirit)
Bracers – Mighty Intellect (+50 Intellect),  Greater Speed (+65 Haste), Draconic Embossment – Intellect (+130 Int) LEATHERWORKER ONLY
Gloves – Haste (+50 Haste), Synapse Springs (+480 Int for 10secs every min) ENGINEER ONLY
Belt – Ebonsteel belt buckle (Extra prismatic socket)
Legs – Best: Powerful Ghostly Spellthread (+95 Intellect and +55 Spirit), Alternative: Ghostly Spellthread (+55 Intellect and 45 Spirit)
Boots – Best: Lavawalker (slightly increased run speed and + 35 mastery), Alternative: Haste (+50 haste)
Rings –  Intellect (+40 Int) ENCHANTER ONLY
Weapon – Best: Power Torrent (sometimes increase spellpower when casting), Alternative: Heartsong (sometimes grant 200 spirit when casting)
Off-hand – Superior Intellect (+40 Intellect)

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  1. If int is our greatest stat the why do you list
    Bracers – Greater Speed (+65 Haste)
    as our wrist enchant. It is not the best the only case in which it become best is if it helps you reach your 1230 haste break point. 916 haste is easily reachable by all, your next BiS is the +50 spirit and the best bar none in 4.0.6 is the +50 int bracers enchant regardless of how expensive it might be..

    • The only reason Haste was still listed as the only enchant is that I have been away over the time the patch was released and while I had tried to update the guide the prior to the patch I had missed that one on the page, that has now been correctly updated 🙂

      You are correct in saying that Int is most definitely our best stat and yes, ideally the +50 Int far outweighs +65 haste. However at this level of gear, the sheer cost of the intellect enchant (2 maelstorm crystals!!) means that unless you are raiding and get some nice 359+ bracers then it is a huge waste of gold to get the enchant. In that case the +65 haste is a better option from a utility-to-cost perspective.

  2. I like your guide, it’s very informative, tho I like to keep Swiftmend and WG on cooldown, for boss fights. (and AoE based fights)
    But everything else seems correct, Imo.
    – Skyjûmpër

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