Non Healing Spells

Part Four: Non Healing Spells and Abilities

In addition to our plethora of healing spells we also have an assortment of various spells and abilities that are not actual healing spells but are still required in a fight and you need to learn how to use these correctly just as much as correct usage of heals in order to be a most flexible and efficient healer. As they are not really in specific categories I will list them alphabetically.

Barkskin – A very useful spell that is not tied to the GCD meaning it can be popped anytime. With only a minute cooldown, use it whenever you feel you need to. Bind it to an easily accessible key or keep it close to your healing spells for fast clicking. Excellent in fights where you find yourself beset by adds or such, pop barkskin + nature’s grasp and run like hell 😀

Entangling Roots – Most definitely not a healing spell, but very useful never the less. The strength of roots is that you can CC many targets that otherwise you group would be unable to control due to most classes having specific CC’s e.g mages can polymorph only humanoids, priests can shackle only undead. The only downside is that this only roots a target to spot, it doesn’t prevent casting etc so only use on melee mobs, don’t root a hunter or similar as they will continue shooting/casting anyway.

Hibernate – A more standard CC ability that will put beasts and dragonkin to sleep for up to 40 seconds assuming they are left alone. Very useful in some of the newer content featuring more dragonkin that may roam in packs with a caster, get the tank to pull the group and then sleep the caster! When he awakes, his friends are all dead and he won’t be long in joining them. Can also be used when something peels off a pack of mobs and advances towards you, though for more than 1 I recommend Nature’s Grasp (see below)

Innervate – Innervate now regens 20% of the casting druids MAX mana, so I would suggest using once you hit about 75% mana so that you can use it again in the fight, e.g on Magmaw I pop Innervate on the first “break”, a Potion of Concentration on the second and then innervate again on the third.  Due to changes, it really isn’t worth casting on other people even when glyphed.

Nature’s Grasp – Always good in a tight spot. Pop it and for the next minute you have 3 charges of entangling roots that are activated by you getting struck. A great way to escape multiple mobs, just pop it and flee. If anything touches you they get rooted, if you have a fourth mob after you, just cast roots normally on it.

Nature’s Swiftness – Can be useful at times if you suddenly need a big heal but can’t wait the 2 seconds it takes to cast healing touch. The changes in 4.1 (+50% effect if the affected spell is a heal) means that this is a very good ability when combined with glyph of HT and will probably be a must for any progressing raider.

Rebirth – A very cool spell. Should be glyphed for 100% hp and no reagent. Due to the changes in Cata, you have only a few uses per fight (3 in a 2man raid and 1 in a 10man) but it can make the difference between a success and a wipe.  Have it very easy and quick to use, but not so easy you can accidentally waste it. I use healbot and all my spells are shift + mouse click or alt + mouse click, so I set rebirth to alt+shift+mouse click to avoid accidental usage. Generally I use only for tanks and healers unless we lose a very high dps and have multiple druids in the group.

Remove Corruption – This maybe isn’t as good as the old spell abolishing over time, but still very good as it will cleanse poisons and curses. Talented it will also remove magic effects. Unfortunately we still can’t do diseases but you can’t have everything 🙂

Thorns – Now that this only lasts for a short period of time it is stronger than it used to be. It can help out tanks and such when gathering aggro, but watch out as it is quite expensive and other druids that can use it will generally have a stronger version than our weak little resto thorns.

Tree of Life – The big one of the non healing spells. With changes to talents and such we will end up with a 31 second duration every 3 mins. Overall this is very useful in a tight spot:

  • All healing is increased by 15%,
  • LB may be cast on multiple targets,
  • Regrowth becomes instant cast (not a great gain but means you can keep moving and casting though watch your mana)
  • Wild growth will affect 2 more targets (so 8 if glyphed)

Use this whenever you foresee trouble ahead. If in a prolonged fight, pop early to get through high initial damage and preserve mana so that it is off CD for any low health enrage, frenzy etc the boss may have. As a small additional benefit it also increases your armour therefore reducing the damage you take and thus the amount of healing you yourself may require. As with other abilities with relatively long cooldowns, discuss it with other resto in your group and arrange a order if needed so you always have at least one of you with it ready to use.

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