Pre-raid Resto Gear List

Part Six: Pre raid Gear List

This is a list of what I consider to be the top heroic level (iLevel 346) or similar items for each slot to prepare for raiding. Some are epic rep rewards, crafted or raid BoE drops and are therefore iLevel 359 but expect them to be very expensive.  As always, this is based on my healing style and such, if you think something I have listed as 3rd (or not even got) is best for you then it may well be, this is just a list of what I consider to be the best gear.

Unlike before, I have added Valor point gear to this list now, as it is so easy to get them. I have also included the items from the new vendors unlockable by doing the Firelands dailies, but I haven’t added the Avengers of Hyjal items as they are a raid only faction (e.g you can’t get the gear without raiding). It also doesn’t include the enw crafted stuff atm as it will be so expensive initially.

As it stands atm, the optimal gear from this list (NOT including profession specific stuff) should get you ready to hit the Firelands 🙂

Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades (359); ENGINEER ONLY; the only pre-raid 359 head, has cogwheel slots so can gain +208 spirit and +208 haste in addition to its 301 intellect and whatever meta you use. Absolutely brilliant if you are an engineer.
Amani Headdress (353)Drops in HC ZA,  spirit/mastery
Cluster of Stars; 2,200 JPs. spirit/haste.

Firemind Pendant (378); 1250 VPs, Spirit and Mastery
Lightning Flash pendant (359) ; Wildhammer Exalted, crit/mastery
Quicksilver Amulet; Drops in HC BRC, spirit/haste

Feathers of Akil’zon (353); Drops from HC ZA, spirit/haste
Mantle of Bestilled Winds; Drops from HC VP, haste/spirit
Sombre Shawl; 1,650 JPs, spirit/mastery

Heavenly Breeze (359); 1250 JPs, spirit/mastery
Haunt of Flies (359); 1250 JPs,  crit/haste
Spiritcaller Cloak (353)
; Drops from ZA/ZG trash, spirit/crit

Tier 11 (359); 2200 JPs, crit/mastery
Vestments of the Soulflayer (353)
; Drops from HC ZG, crit/mastery
Robes of Forgetfulness; 2,200 JPs, spirit/haste

Smoulderskull Bindings (378); 1250 VPs, spirit/crit
Armbands of the Bear Spirit (353)
;  Drops from HC ZA, spirit/crit
Armbands of Change; Drops from HC BRC, haste/crit

Tier 11 (359); 1650 JPs, spirit/haste
T’wansi’s Handwraps (353)
; QR from ZA, spirit/mastery
Aessina Blessed Gloves; Revered with Hyjal, haste/spirit

Fireplume Girdle (365); Firelands dailies, haste/mastery
Lightning Lash (359)
; crafted BoE, spirit/haste
Belt of the Untamed (359); Wildhammer Exalted, spirit/haste

Tier 11 (359); 2200 JPs, spirit/crit
Leggings of the Pride (353)
; Drops from HC ZG, crit/spirit
Leggings of Clutching Roots; Earthern Ring Revered, spirit/crit

Fading Violet Sandals (359); 1650 JPs, haste/spirit
Two-Toed Boats (353)
; Drops from HC ZA, crit/haste

Soothing Brimstone Circle (378); 1250 VPs, spirit/crit
Spirit Fragment band (365); Firelands Dailies, crit/mastery
Band of Secret Names (359); 1250 JPs, crit/haste
Twined Band of Flowers (359); 1250 JPs, spirit/mastery
Ring of the Boy Emperor (359)
; ARCHAEOLOGY; haste/mastery
Signet of Venoxis (353); Drops from HC ZG, haste/mastery
Soul Drain Signet (353); Drops froM HC ZA, spirit/haste

TRINKETS (going for raw healing and throughput here, not regen as much, further discussion of regen/throughput trinkets is here)
Moonwell Chalice (365); Firelands Dailies, Int with mastery use
Vibrant Alchemists Stone (359)
: ALCHEMIST ONLY; intellect and haste, with a red socket that has an intellect bonus, awesome 😀
Darkmoon Card: Tsunami (359) ; Quest Reward, as always a darkmoon card outshines the rest
Tyrande’s Doll (359) : ARCHAEOLOGY; one of the very best trinkets atm and achievable without a single raid fight.
Gale of Shadows; Drops from HC GB, no intellect or anything, but our HoTs will quickly grant us 340 spellpower and keep us there, restacking everytime it drops off. The pure haste as well is a good stat.
Witching Hourglass; Drops from HC BRC, extra mana, raw crit and spellpower and a chance to increase haste. A good all-rounder

Lightforged elementium Hammer (365); Crafted, spirit/mastery
Amani Scepter of Rites (353)
; Drops from HC ZA, spirit/mastery
Voodoo Hexblade (353): Drops from HC ZA, haste/crit
Scepter of Power; Drops from HC HoO, spirit/haste

Legacy of Arlokk (353); Drops from ZG, haste/mastery

Glode of moonlight (365); Firelands Dailies, crit/mastery
Lost Bag of Whammies (353)
; Drops from HC ZG, spirit/crit
Apple Bent Bough; 950 JPs, spirit/haste

Singed Plume of aviana (378); 700 VPs, haste/spirit
Relic of Eonar (359); 700 JPs, spirit/crit
Captured Lightning; Drops from HC VP, spirit/haste

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