Stat Prio and Reforging

Part One: Stat Priority and Reforging

Stat Priority
Our stat priority is actually quite simple. We have five relevant stats, if they are not on the list below then ignore them totally.  In order of importance we are looking for;

  • Intellect – This is by far our most important stat, as due to the changes in Cataclysm to spellpower, we no longer get spellpower as a stat (except on weapons) and all our spellpower is derived from Intellect. This means intellect will increase your mana pool, your crit chance and your spellpower. It cannot be stressed enough how important Intellect is to us now, especially as previously it was not a primary stat. As far as mana regen is concerned, the higher the intellect you have, the more regen you will gain from Innervate, revitalise and replenishment.
  • Spirit – Second to Intellect is Spirit. Again, due to changes in Cataclysm, spirit is now our only form of passive mana regen as they removed MP5 from the game. So it is simple, the more spirit you have the faster you regen mana in combat. At the moment it is not as important as Intellect, as a larger mana pool with slower regen is preferable to a smaller pool with fast regen. Spirit may pull ahead of Intellect in certain long fights and the presence of something such as Mana Tide, but additionally offers no throughput gain whatsoever, it only helps mana regen.This means do not drop any intellect from an item to only gain a small boost to mana, if there are other nice secondary stats then consider it, but not due to spirit alone.
  • Haste – As a resto druid you can never have too much haste. Ideally you are aiming to have sufficient haste to bring your GCD down to 1 sec. Currently I cannot find a value for what this is. Two important numbers though are 917 (where rejuvenation gains a 5 tick) and 2005 (where WG gains a 9th tick). These numbers are assuming the presence of a 5% haste buff. Haste is the greatest stat for throughput on every one of our spells except rejuvenation (which gets a talented 1 sec CD). See here for more in depth discussion of haste and the various important numbers.  With the changes to mastery, it is very important to NOT mindlessly reforge verything into haste UNLESS it will make you reach a break point.
  • Mastery – Harmony is quite a nice bonus and one that shouldn’t be too difficult to permanently maintain. This means that mastery is much more important than it used to be. While still inferior to it is very good. You will have to juggle numbers; but in order to get the most out of your gear, you should try to maintain as high a mastery as possible while between the haste breakpoints. E.g, you currently have 1897 haste and get some new gear with mastery + spirit, reforging the mastery to haste would give you 1978 haste, as this is still below the next breakpoint for you (2004) you should stick with the mastery until you have sufficient haste to push you over the breakpoint.
  • Crit – As critical heals now do +100% healing instead of +50%, crit is much more attractive than it used to be. I would still prefer haste and mastery first and personally I would still reforge it to haste/spirit if possible. However, if you are doing well on haste (2005+) then having some extra crit isn’t a bad thing and you should try and balance out your crit+mastery to optimise both.

Here is a post about the balance between Haste, Mastery and Crit

Ultimately Intellect is far and away our best stat as it does so much. On the whole higher iLevel items (and those with sockets) are best as they will stack more intellect which far outweighs any secondary stat. That said, don’t drop huge amounts of haste for an increase of 10 intellect or similar.


A brief word about what reforging is, as not everyone actually knows what it does. Reforging allows you to remove 40% of an unwanted secondary stat and place it in a stat you desire. There a couple of rules regarding it though;

  • Resilience: you cannot reforge resilience (either to gain or reduce) so no buying crafted PvP gear or the like and reforging the nasty resilience away
  • Cannot buff a present stat: You can only add a stat that is not already present on the item. This means that you cannot take something with 100 each of haste and mastery and change it to 140 haste to 60 mastery.

Within those parameters though you can reforge away. Personally I try and give and item haste if it doesn’t have, if it does then I try for spirit (this is because at the moment I am happy with my regen but want more haste). Remember the priority list above and also how you play and how you feel about your mana management. Don’t use the list above as an ultimate command, don’t just auto reforge everything to spirit and so on. The ability to reforge gives you the chance to alter your gear and tweak it to be best for you and what you need so look at your stats and how you are playing and use it to fill in the gaps and tweak your overall build to the best for YOU.

As stated above in the Mastery paragraph, try to balance out your mastery with your haste breakpoints as you reforge, avoid mindlessly reforging to haste if you will only see a small gain when compared to keeping the mastery for the moment. When trying to jiggle your stats, try using AskMrRobot or CharDev and see what their optimisers suggest. The keyword here is SUGGEST, don’t just follow it without being certain that it will be an improvement for you.

Next (Talents and Glyphs)

  1. so im finaly lvling my druid to 85 and have been healing 5 mans If I can ever find a decent guild i want to raid again in reg mode. And this post is helping a lott as where I shold look for stuff. thanks

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